We are a couple about to set out to find America. Our history in camping goes back to our beginnings 40 years ago. We were tent campers for most of our lives but 10 years ago, we upgraded to a pop-up. That was fine but it had its draw-backs. In 2014 we bought a used 24′ travel trailer (a 2004 TT) to see if we would like that. We said never again to tents and traded up to a new 27′ TT. We bought a 2015 Wildwood (Forest River) 262 BHXL which we affectionately named “Campah”.

Our blog will have 2 purposes. First, we will chronicle our travels both in Maine and over America. Our objective is to hit all 49 states! (Yes, I know there are 50, but Hawaii poses logistical issues I have not figured out 🙂 ). Also, we intend to visit the southern Provences of our great neighbor to the north. Canada is a beautiful and friendly country. So, much of our northern travels will have us embark on spectacular places there. We will try to capture the feelings of great pride of each area as we visit National Monuments, Parks, and Forests as well as State Parks. Historical importance will also play a role as we learn. Second, the rv itself. Rv’s are similar to cars in one sense (and one sense only). They both have tires. The quality of workmanship is not even comparable. An rv is similar to a house in that you sleep inside it. But believe me, the carpentry, electrical and plumbing are far different in an rv. I will document my trials and tribulations of learning about rv’ing.

So begins the rv blog called Campah University!

Remember, its the journey, not the destination that is the real experience.