Plumbing 101

Okay, plumbing is fairly simple in a camper, particularly when compared to a dwelling. But campers are susceptible to things that a house is not. And given the nature of this issue, things can get pretty “poopy”😀 if not properly cared for (if you get my drift). As you read these blogs, you will understand how much I love youtube, google, and Amazon!

Winterizing: needs to be done…preferably BEFORE the first hard freeze. I had to buy a by-pass kit to install at the pump (Amazon). This enabled me to draw antifreeze from the bottle instead of from my fresh water (FW) tank. My pump is located under the draws next to the sink. Not a lot of room to work but I managed. Patience is a good practice here. I also had to get to the hot water tank. This was located under the bottom bunk third panel in. Here, I had to turn the valves so the water (antifreeze) bypassed the actual tank. To empty the tank, that is done from the outside where the tank heater exhaust is located. Remove the plug, or as in my case, remove the anedode rod. Make sure the tank element is turned off. I also removed the check valve where “shore” water would be hooked up. You do not want any fresh water left in the tanks or lines as this wouldt be disastrous. It took a little less than 2 gals of antifreeze. Make sure you get nontoxic RV antifreeze. Make sure your grey & black water tanks are empty. Pour some anti freeze (not a lot) into EACH drain and toilet. If you have a manual for your camper (and God bless if you do – most do not), follow the directions in it. YouTube and Google are a god-sent!!

Bath tub replacement: This is a new camper and you might be asking, “Why is he replacing the tub? They don’t wear out and it’s new!” Lets just say, the tub is not a good place to store heavy items when traveling (I am learning…). I dreaded this and went to the local rv shop just to see how much they would charge.$450!!!! So I reluctantly thought, with my limited skills, I could do this myself. (This whole blog is called Campah University for a reason – It is a learning experience). So I look at this expense as tuition. Amazon has the tub for under $120 and I have tools. (background info: diy home improvement ordeals don’t always go good for me*). After taking out a few screws, the tub became free. I just had to disconnect the drain. Again, not a lot of room to work but it disconnected pretty easily. New tub came on time and went back in as easily as the broken one came out.

This Campah Course and the Campah University is making me feel pretty good about myself! The “tuition” was well spent. 😀

DIY (do it yourself)

*- A particular bad week for me back in the mid ’80’s: I was trying to replace the handle of a push mower on a Monday. I got frustrated and threw a wrench in the air. It came down smack in the middle of my car windshield! The next day, I was replacing a toilet seat. I bought my wife a nice cushiony one and attempted to remove the old seat (which had bolts that were rusted). So I took a hammer and a chisel to the bolts…NOT A GOOD IDEA ON A porcelain toilet. On Saturday, I was teaching my 5 year old son how to catch a baseball. He caught it …right in his mouth. I was so upset at myself that when I got him inside to wash the blood off, I threw the baseball on the floor. It bounced off the hardwood and proceeded to travel outside…through the picture window. My son was fine but I was a mess.

Yea, diy home improvements have been a struggle for me 🙂




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