Acadia NP

Hi everyone,

I have been slack! No excuses 😟  We did a 3 day trip to Blackwoods Campground in Acadia National Park on Columbus Day weekend. What a weekend! My first surprise was the campground: The Good; it was easy to get to despite towing a 30′ trailer behind a large F150. BUT avoid driving through Bar Harbor! How I didn’t take out a few cars and trucks is beyond me! A better way is to go through Northeast Harbor (There is a way in Bar Harbor to avoid downtown traffic but I don’t know it.) Also, most of the camping spots at blackwoods are drive through, which is nice as the roads are narrow. The Bad; I figured it was October…after tourist and beach season, it’s not going to be busy. WRONG! Peak foliage season…the campground was near capacity! Literally 100’s of campers! And despite wind-swept rain (Hurricane Matthew) the color was gorgeous as were the views. And the public transportation was 2nd to none! Park your vehicle and take the bus…IT’S FREE! And it travels to everything. The ugly; Well, there really isn’t any. both campgrounds in the park do not have any hook-ups (no electricity, cable, sewer). Fresh water is near-by. They do have a dump station which is easy to navigate. If you have on-board stuff (battery, holding tanks, fresh water), you don’t need hook-ups.Camping in Maine doesn’t usually require AC…even in the heat of the summer. But if you do want hookups, there are private campgrounds near-by.  The National Park does have a 3rd campground and it does have hookups. Problem- it is located at Schoodic Point which is a short distance as the seagull flies but an hour as the F150 drives.

We went to the Jordan House. This is a must stop if you are in the park. Make sure you have tea and their famous popover. Take a stroll around Jordan Pond. This pond also serves as the drinking water for several local communities. The views here are spectacular. The trails are exceptional and recently redone. Bring your hiking shoes (and a good trail bike if you have one). Carraige trails are nearby. If the weather is good and you like to challenge yourself, there are great hiking trails (novice to technical and everything in between).

After our Jordan Pond visit we drove up Cadillac Mtn (1400′). Great views on most days but not today. It was in the clouds with 40 mile an hour winds as rain pelted us. The remnants of Hurrican Matthew created some interesting conditions.☔️ Even though, it had its own sense of beauty. Like everywhere else, there are a lot of people. Drive carefully.

Bar Harbor has become a favorite for cruise ships. Be ready to deal with those crowds as well. Speaking of Bar Harbor, no trip would be complete without a stop in town.  A lot of quaint shops and vendors that just beckon your presence. And make sure you walk the waterfront. You will not be disappointed.😊

Before we left, we did visit Thunderhole. We should have have visited Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse but time did not permit. Even though this park is not a large geographic area, there is a lot to see here. Try to spend a week if you can (we did not). The working harbors of Northeast and Southwest Harbors are distinctly New England fishing villages. And if time permits, take the state ferry out to Swans Island (from Southwest Harbor). These places aren’t part of the park but well worth the visit. We missed them on this visit but have visited them in the past.

Our trip home was uneventful but I did lose a bedroom window. I will do a “Campah 101″ class on how to repair the window and roof. 😄

Note: Some may ask why we went to Bar Harbor in a Hurricane. 1st, the trip was planned months in advance. 2nd, and most important, the forecast was for the storm to stay way south (like back into Florida). Weather is unpredictable (especially in New England) and Hurricanes are the most unpredictable.


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