Planet Myrtle (pt 2 of 3)

Planet Myrtle Beach (In a Galaxy far, far, away …)

Stardate 4B2016.11.12

“Rebellion Star Commander, this is Luke Skywalker, Wildwood Commander.”

“We have arrived at our destination, Planet Myrtle.”

Princess Leia: “Seems like a peaceful place.”

Hans Solo: “Princess Leia, be leery. It’s beautiful but there are signs of destruction everywhere.”

Princess Leia: “Hurricane Matthews wrecked havoc a month ago through this region. They are recovering.”

Luke: “Lets explore and report back to Command Central.”

And so the saga continues…

Stardate 4B2016.11.12 to 4B2016.17.11

The trip to explore “Planet Myrtle” (Mrytle Beach)

Arrived at Myrtle Beach State Park (MBSP) in Myrtle Beach at 4 PM on Saturday November 12th, a full 20 hours before ETA. We gave Wally World a lot of thought since we did not have reservations for this night. We opted to try the park and they were able to take us a day early…but it cost us! They charged us $57 for 1 night which was a full $20 more than our reserved nights (the actual price is less but there are fees tied to the cost which made the net cost substantially higher).

The first day was cold and rainy☔️. It was a full 15 degrees colder at Mrytle than Turner Maine! That should never happen…especially in November! Our 2nd full day there wasn’t much better. Monday was warmer but not a lot. At least the clouds were breaking and sun breaking through. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were sunny and in the 70 range – much happier campers 😀 we are.

Nov. 14 – A dreary day but we stayed around the campsite settling in. We did make a run to Wally World for some goodies and (against my inner sole) purchased firewood. Gary & Maureen Oswald came over at 6 for supper, campfire🔥, and great company. Turns out, there are a lot of Northerners that have relocated here. More on that later.

Nov. 15 – Tuesday was much better. It was a cool start (45) but warmed up to the upper 60’s! Great day to walk the beach and watch the waves. Due to the super fullmoon 🌕and the recent storm, the waves were fairly large. Fun to watch and the high tide was …well, high. The pier was exciting with lots of fishermen. That seems to be popular among the natives. In the afternoon, we visited Huntington SP (about 8 miles south). There are some nice trails through the salt marshes and wildlife refuge. There is also a museum there.

Nov. 16 – Wednesday was warm and sunny🌞. We walked the beaches. I got a 2 mile jog in and we biked some. I cooked breakfast and we had sandwiches for lunch and out for supper (pizza at Barnaba’s with Gary and Maureen). We stayed busy while visiting Common Market and Myrtle. No nap today!! Gary gave us lots of reasons to relocate to this “outpost”. Something for us to think about.

Nov. 17 – Thursday was another nice day after a cool start. We are constantly reminded to pay attention, as there are alligators and copperheads in the area. We have not seen any (which makes Deb very happy). I’m a morning person so I got some great pics of the sunrise. Later in the morning, we spent a couple of hours on the beach. Not many tourists this time of year (and this area was still cleaning up from Hurricane Matthews). We grabbed our bikes and peddled to the Common Market. A large shopping area (similar to North Conway, NH) with lots of room for biking 🚲 and exercising; deserves a visit! We ran into a couple that had some interesting peddle bikes and when I inquired, they told me they were electric too! Turns out, they were transplants from Carrabasset Valley! Small world. Back to the beach for some biking there. Supper back at the campsite, drinks, food, fire, and sleep – very tired 💤and tomorrow is our trip back.

Nov. 18 (A)– Friday, sad day as we prepare to depart this paradise. Winterized the camper and packed up (which, by the way, is pretty simple with a TT). I had gone out early to fuel up the truck and buy a box of Krispy Kremes ☕️donuts for the road.

(B) We were on the road by 8:30 – Spaceship Wildwood, take us home!!!!

Stardate 4B2016.11.18

“Rebellion Star Commander, this is Luke Skywalker, Wildwood Commander.”

“We are departing Planet Myrtle.”

Part 3 or 3 coming soon!!!!!


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