The Ride – Preparation

Mission 22 – They are a veteran service charity to help men and women in uniform with PTSD, TBI, and Suicide. Click on “Mission 22” name or the logo to access the contribution page.

Preparation for the Ride: The idea was born months ago by Corey but it wasn’t until November that I jumped on board. Since then we have been researching ways of pulling off this event. Admittedly, we have not pushed the charity part and neither of us feels comfortable asking for support. I do want to assure everyone that every dollar that is donated goes to Mission 22 and their cause. The expense of out trip is part of our donation.

In the beginning: Corey sold his truck and used the proceeds to buy what was necessary to outfit himself with the proper gear (bike, etc.). Without going into great detail, let’s just say he is pretty high-tech. Me, on the other hand, is decidedly low tech. With the exception of a cellphone (okay, it’s a smart phone with a gps app), I am using old fashion paper atlases (and other maps). As my cellar blossomed with gear, we finally did a complete inventory. My car will be busting at the seams! (I was going to bring extras of this and that – naa, no room for extras!).

I have made arrangements for “domestic care”. After showing my wife how to use my “high speed, low drag, Teflon coated, super duper” Husquavana snowbolwer, I hired a snowplower to do my driveway… Need I say anymore about this? Showed my son, Travis, how to use the generator if we have extended power loss. Made arrangements with my sister for an emergency shelter. And left directions for Travis to remove any heavy snow from my “summer” home. (Roofs on travel trailers are not made to withstand a lot of extra weight. )

Leaving at 8am Wednesday morning (looks like heavy snow for Thursday). Our hopes are to be below the Mason-Dixon line by then.


  • Mission 22 (above) is linked to Corey’s fund raising page.

Timetable (edited):

December 28-January 4; travel by car to San Diego (2 day lay-over in San Antoinio, TX)

January 4 start in the Pacific Ocean (Imperial Beach ?) with the hopes of getting 40 miles in.

Days; Our goal will be to cover 160 miles every 7 days heading towards Yuma, AZ. Some days we may cover 100 miles, other days (weather, sight-seeing, etc) we may do a lot less. After we hit El Paso, TX we will have to decide whether to follow old rte 80 southeast towards San Antonio or continue due east (following i10) towards Dallas. This stretch from the mountains just east of San Diego will be most challenging as it can get quite desolate and towns are few and far between. I will keep everyone posted (assuming I can get cell and internet coverage out there.)     WILD WILD WEST, Here we come!!


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