Cowboys Like Us


Sand, brush, cacti, and dust; Cowboys like us. And so our trek across the great desert has begun! After 10 days in the desert, we have come to the realization that most of the desert is still in front of us. My camera shutter is almost worn out! I am snapping pictures like there is no tomorrow… How many desert pictures do I need?! But then, each scene, even if it’s the same cactus or mountain, changes with the color/shading (sun angle). The West is a beautiful place, for sure!


So our stay in Ehrenberg, AZ camping near other campers was an experience (Like the other places!). It was flat, beautiful and out in the open (very breezy). And yes, I took good gobs of pictures! After I fixed the bike issue, I went out to meet the neighbors. Very interesting; about a dozen of them spend 2 to 4 months here in their camper during the winter months. Most seem to be from “upstate” (northern Arizona) but not all. One guy is from New Hampshire and served in the military in the same National Guard unit I was in (3rd/172nd Inf)…around the same time! He was in Charlie Company (New Hampshire) when I was in Bravo Company (Maine). Small world. There were only a couple others in tents. One lady (with a half dozen dogs) was further back in the desert and just being nomadic. She was from Louisiana by birth but has traveled over much of the Southwest, mostly in Texas.


Corey is coming out of his shell. After confessing he does not feel comfortable talking with strangers, that is changing. One near-by camper had a RANGER (U.S. Army) flag flying and Corey took initiative to talk to him. Did something similar at a Flying J Truck Stop and again at a SubWay (just off of i10). People have been generally very receptive to hear our story and verbally support our mission (Mission 22).

It feels good to be out of California… but we have at least 2 weeks in Arizona. California is 3 time zones away, at least Arizona is only 2 (feels closer to home). Weather is a little cooler and cloudier. I think next week as we head to Tucson and El Paso weather will warm up again

Speaking of farm country, water from the Colorado River is used to irrigate much of the Southwest! As we found out later, there were many more mega farms as we closed in on the Arizona border.

tarantula on Hwy i 10 spider

Here are some questions for my friends at Rumford Elementary School. Even though we have been in the desert for 10 days, we have come across cactus that was very rare in California but very common in Arizona. It is huge and is a symbol of Arizona. Do you know what it is called? Also, there is a bird out here that runs very fast. There is a cartoon that depicts him always running away from Wiley Coyote. Do you know what the bird is called? I have seen several but can’t get a picture of them (to fast!).Here is a question for you sports fans. What is the mascot for the professional football team that is from Arizona? One last question, Maine is special in that it does not have many poisonous creatures. Arizona has many. Can you name 2 that exist in Arizona?

Flat tire Campsiteflat-tire-cs

On the first of 3 long days of riding, Corey got another flat! A staple on the road pierced his tire. We fixed it and moved on. As I once said at RES, “Suck it up, buttercup!” Frustrating but that is life on the road.

Saguaro Cactus are HUGE! And they are everywhere!big-cactus

Three days of long rides and we finally made it to Phoenix! We are going to stay two days in a Motel 6 to get cleaned up and do some laundry (We stink!)! And we timed it perfectly to watch the Patriots play football! Another added bonus is my niece and her family are RV’ing through Arizona so we will catch up with them!

My niece and her family – fulltime RV’ing through the Southwest!niece-and-fam

Stay tune, Hope to be in Tucson in a week! 🌵

Support Mission 22


Mission 22 – They are a veteran service charity to help men and women in uniform with PTSD, TBI, and Suicide. Click on “Mission 22” name or the logo to access the contribution page.



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