Maps,GPS, and cellphone data


Motel 6, “We’ll keep the light on for ya.” After 2 nights in a suburb of Phoenix, we are refreshed, re-energized, and ready to go!


Monday’s ride was a long one. It was 60 miles to the only free spot for camping. It was at an airfield often used by Military and civilian skydivers. A note of interest; Corey was a skydiver (Airborne Infantry) in the Army. Good place to camp but the weather has gotten decidedly colder, both day and night. Temps are 30 at night, 50 during the day. But, with no wind, it feels warmer. Can’t wait for real warmer weather!

We spent 2 nights at the airfield. Met a lot of nice people and are they very receptive to our mission. Two Canadians, one from BC the other from Montreal, struck up conversations. The Quebecan is riding his bicycle from Montreal to Argentina! Yes, I said that right; all the way to South America!!! The one from BC is working to be a skydiver instructor.

Parachutes everywhere!IMG_5647.JPG

Let me tell you a little story about GPS, maps, and cellphone data. Maps are nice but not always detailed enough (maybe if I had bought the Delorme Arizona atlas it would have been). So US87 turned but Corey went straight. After 50 minutes he called me from a town that I didn’t know existed. Needless to say and 20 miles later, we met up. Turns out cellphone GPS’ don’t work without data on your plan. Moral to this story: don’t use up all your data before the “month” ends! As it turns out, the overnight spot was much better than expected so that eased the pain of extra biking. Good maps, GPS, & cellphone data are NOT non-essentials… they are MOST essential.

Bent Prop Saloonimg_5659

I don’t have any inquisitive questions for my friends at RES… yet! I have some good ones coming up that will test your history knowledge of Arizona. Read about Arizona and I will post questions on Sunday!

More chutes!img_5654

Tucson on Thursday and Tombstone by Sunday. Stay tune, Hope to be through New Mexico and into El Paso, Texas in a week or so! 😃

Support Mission 22


Mission 22 – They are a veteran service charity to help men and women in uniform with PTSD, TBI, and Suicide. Click on “Mission 22” name or the logo to access the contribution page.


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