The Ride – Nowhere, TX to El Capitan

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“Long Horns & cattle…” So now we are in Texas! Well, kind of. We are following the Texas New Mexico border and will be re-entering New Mexico by Wednesday. The next 5 nights will be in 2 National Parks (NP). Monday and Tuesday night will be in Guadalupe NP in Texas and Wednesday through Saturday will be 30 miles up the road in Carlsbad Caverns NP in New Mexico. We will spend the weekend in Carlsbad, NM to get cleaned up and watch the Patriots. Next week we re-enter Texas at the bottom of the panhandle.

We left El Paso headed east. Our stay in “Nowhere, Texas” was good but cold. The actual town is called Cornudas and has a population of 5. We ate supper at May’s Café, a quaint restaurant and souvenir place exactly 65 miles east of El Paso. It is also about 55 miles west of Guadalupe NP. In between, this is Nowhere, TX. (See pictures). Nice people where May served us. She is also the mayor. Given the size of the town, I think she was everything!

May let us pitch a tent in the backyard. A comfortable spot but we had no cellphone coverage. However, we did have free wifi! The night was punctuated with birds (morning doves, sparrows, and owls) and other unidentifiable noises. It also was pretty cold, around 20 (common theme). The daytime temps rose to the 60’s but I think the clear skies and elevation have a lot to do with the low temps at night.

May Café and surrounding area


Without breakfast we struck out for the nearest rest area. 25 miles into Corey’s ride there was a nice spot with picnic tables. Perfect! I stopped, took my bike off the racks and rode back to meet Corey. At least I am getting some exercise! We set up breakfast that included Gatorade, coffee, oatmeal and fruit (bananas, apples, dried cranberries, and fig newtons – okay, these are cookies. But they have figs in them!). Again, the scenery is just fabulous! El Capitan sticks out like a diamond in the rough off in a distance. The tops of these mountains reach almost 9000 feet elevation!

Guadalupe Mountains


Our night at the base of El Capitan was interesting. The campground is at 6000 feet so the wind constantly blew (gusts frequently over 20mph). When we arrived there around 1:30 PM, there were only 4 other tenters. We had 20 sites to choose from, none out of the path of the tormenting wind. By the time 4 PM rolled around there were only 4 spots left! I am mild shocked at the number of tenters. Surprisingly, the temps dropped only to the low 40’s…the breeze was relatively mild. Corey and I got some hiking in, caught up on our blogs, and relaxed (after all, he covered over a 100 miles in 2 days, some of which was up hill). And sleeping on the ground has become …tolerable.

Spring Springs Campground and surrounding mountains 

I am getting lots of chances to perfect my picture taking. I am using a Canon T2i with 2 very versatile lenses. One lens is 18-55 zoom and the other is 55-250 zoom. Besides experiencing the light effect (different times of days creates interesting scenes), I am also dabbling in doing night shots (see pictures below).

Night sky above El Capitan 


Not sure how my friends at Rumford Elementary School are doing with the questions. I asked one last week that seemed to have an obvious answer; “Where did New Mexico get its name?” Many would think, as I did, from Mexico. In actuality, it was named almost 100 years BEFORE Mexico got its name. Interesting…look it up. Here are two geological questions: On our way to El Capitan, we passed through Salt Flats, Texas (even smaller than Cornudas). Historically speaking, why was this area so important to both the Indians and the pioneers? The formation of this area goes back over 250 million years ago. What is the face (cliff) of El Capitan composed of?




Headed to Carlsbad Caverns then to the Texas Panhandle!

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  1. Hi from the UK! – just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your blog. I supported two friends who followed a similar route in the summer and your blog brings back lots of memories of our amazing adventure – I well remember our overnight stop at May’s Cafe! Keep safe and enjoy the ride! JP (


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