The Ride – Carlsbad …

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“Patriots Win!!” What an epic game (and comeback). Now that is out of the way, on to my regularly scheduled post…

“Carlsbad Caverns to Carlsbad…” We altered our plans slightly. Turns out, Carlsbad Caverns NP doe not have camping… But it is only 30 miles from Guadalupe NP so we stayed there an extra 2 nights (total of 4) and drove up to the Caverns and spent a day there. THIS IS A MUST-SEE PLACE!

Things happen for a reason. At Carlsbad NP, the ranger gave us some valuable information of where there was some BLM land we could camp on. Also, by staying 2 extra days at Guadalupe NP, we ran into several couples from Maine! It is always nice to see “neighbors” when away (they were from Rockland and Bar Harbor but being in New Mexico, they felt like neighbors). And the last morning at the campsite several mule deer came to visit. Awesome stay!

Mule deer coming down for breakfast on our last day.

I just like the picture of Corey riding (#22)

But by Friday, we had to move on. After another cold (frosty) morning, the day turned out okay, no wind and temps near 60. Perfect riding weather and our plan was to go 40 miles (Guadalupe NP to just beyond Carlsbad Cavern NP). Conditions were perfect so Corey decided to ride the remaining 15 miles into Carlsbad, NM (the town).

Things happen for a reason. By getting to the town on Friday, we visited the U.S.Forest service office (not open on weekends). They directed us to a nearby BLM office (again, not open on weekends). Here, we attained a wealth of information that will help us all the way to Ft. Worth! Thank you Jim and Tom! (And yes, we made many more friends as we talked about our mission).

We spent Friday night on some BLM land 5 miles out of town. Serenaded by coyotes and owls, it was another chilly night of sleep. In the morning we went to Mickey D’s for breakfast, Walmart for supplies and then checked in to Motel 6. Nap time.

BLM Campsite outside of Carlsbad.                                                                  

Cleaning and planning were out goals for the weekend…And to watch the Super Bowl. We accomplished our goals and then watched an epic football game. I kept telling my wife (we were on skype) to have faith… and be patience. I will admit when the Falcons went up 28-3, I was thinking Tom Terrific was running out of time (Patriots NEVER lose, they just run out of time). Here is a funny side note: When it got to 28-3, Corey was so disgusted; he went and took a shower. When he got out it was 28-20 and the Pats were driving for the tying score! He could not believe it!

With our new-found information, our plans have changed slightly. We headed out Monday morning for Hobbs, NM and we will spend the night on some BLM land. Our changes include staying on Hwy 180 …all the way to Ft. Worth (because of info attained at the BLM office last Friday). Things happen for a reason…

Same picture, different perspective… Corey worked on this one

Every bush has thorns… And we found water!

Wilson! (a Home Improvement thing) And White’s City (near Carlsbad Caverns


An Urban Cowboy (tried to get Corey to join me…)

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One thought on “The Ride – Carlsbad …

  1. Hey guys, still having trouble comprehending frosty mornings in the desert, but oh well, such it is!!! Glad to see you’ve embraced the “things happen for a reason” philosophy..,, so true and it helps smooth out those small bumps in the road!!!! With another BIG Pat win you must be fired up to tackle more of that endless road!!! Hat’s off to the both of you!!! Stay safe and keep on keeping on!!! PEACE!!! RickD.


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