The Ride -Summer heat/cold rain…

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Polar opposites. A searing heat as temperatures approach 95, Corey’s ride gets off to a scorching start! But Frost was not out of the forecast!

We pulled out of Sweetwater with morning temps a comfortable 75. After taking care of some minor issues (car flat tire), we were headed to Abilene. Temperatures soared into the 90’s (hot even by Texas standards in February). The Frontage road is almost perfect to ride the bike. Bicycles are not allowed on the interstate system here but the highway is matched with a “Frontage” road. “Almost perfect.” Occasionally, the road encounters a railroad track that the highway goes over. The frontage road just abruptly stops! Corey carries his bike over the tracks and continues. Me, well… I have to take the long way around. But we manage.

So I stop about 15 miles outside of Abilene to fix lunch. Corey is about 30 minutes behind so I have plenty of time to get it prepared. He shows up, sweaty (930 ), thirsty and hungry. As we eat, he points out that we are adjacent to the large prison! Probably not the best place to eat lunch. We continue on and reach Dyess Air force Base by 1:30.

Notice the orange sign in the picture. Lunch anyone? prison-ppt

Dyess AFB is fairly small but with brand new camping facilities. Great! A nice gem in Abilene and we will stay here at least 3 days. Sunday finds us relaxing and exploring Abilene. Visited downtown Abilene (Old Abilene). Lots of history here! If you get a chance, do the tour in Frontier Texas then walk the streets.

So, on Monday (our 2nd day here), it rains… and rains… and it rained a little more. Totaled about an inch and a half! Since we are doing a little r & r after our radio interview (Did I mention KSCS – Hawkeye in the morning called us and did a quick interview?) we walked the Abilene Mall and caught a movie. That night we were serenated to sleep with a thunderstorm! (Yea, tents and thunderstorms are not a good match.)

Campsite at Dyess AFB. Notice the 1st class accommodations in the background. dyess-cs

The weather was changing, cooler on Sunday (60’s). Monday made it to 49 with a rainy brisk northeast breeze. Tuesday was better… relatively speaking (overcast and 55).

As it turns out, since we are a head of schedule, we stayed one more day …at a Motel 6. It was still very cool and damp.

Hope we can find a warm spot to sit ourselves down up on Hwy 180. Forecast is for upper 50’s and overcast skies. What a change from several days ago!

And we did find a nice spot up on 180! We camped at a town spot about 6 miles outside of Breckenridge. Corey peddled another 55 mile day and the wind and hills were not cooperating with us. The spot was nice, on a lake, picnic tables, potty, and owls and coyotes to sing us to sleep.

Campsite at Lake Daniel near Breckenridge. Nice scenery and free camping!

After another cold night, better weather was on the way! Corey peddled to Mineral Wells (60 miles) and we stayed at a state park. Great facilities here but a tad expensive. Of course, we have been spoiled by some of the free land and almost-free places. Temperatures back into the 70’s.

Mineral Wells State Park – very nice but expensive.

Leaving Mineral Wells Stat Park, we visited a unique Vietnam War Memorial. It was quite extensive (see pictures). Also, the curator has relatives in Maine! (Notice the commemorative coin). After a 90 minute visit we were on our way!

A very unique Vietnam Memorial on the highway as you leave Mineral Springs, 

Look what I found in Mineral Springs? 

This little Roadrunner came up the driver side door… so I took his picture!

We finally arrive in Ft Worth on February 17. To get cleaned up, we got a Motel 6. We will spend 2 days here and step off on Sunday.

Freemasonry is a live and well out in the West Texas arena (notice the jewel on Buck Taylor). Frontier Texas gives a great rendition of the old West (Gunsmoke star, Buck Taylor narrates it). A must see!

The T & P Rail Road came through around 1880… this changed the West! (See below) t-p

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