The Ride – Going solo…

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Editor’s note: This blog is written in the “third person”.

Corey rode off solo from Red River Army Depot… This part of the trip was vastly different than the western scenario. He had long rides interspersed with breaks at campgrounds and hotels, timing the stays in shelters with severe weather. On that later part, he was only marginally successful. Also, he no longer had physical support from his dad (the “Old Man”). You can check his Corey’s blog at Decker- The Ride. He also has pictures posted on his facebook page by the same name.

He went through Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and flirted with the borders of the Carolinas. Wind and rain pelted him in various states but there was good weather too. And wind. Like out west, there were some days very windy and often blowing against the direction of travel. Not fun!

Did I mention mountains? With the exception of the first day in California, the trek has been mountain-free in the Southwest. Oh, there were hills and rain – but not a lot. But the whole west is at a higher elevation (That in of itself caused some issues). No real mountains to cross though. There are two things that can be very depressing to a bike trekker; long up-hills and riding into a stiff wind. Yes, there are other things too, but these are at the top of the list. Alabama and Georgia provided both! As the saying goes, “You will be stronger…if it doesn’t kill you!” He details very vividly in his blog (Decker The Ride).

Corey and his father ran into some unusual late winter severe weather in Texas during February. Well, March is known for severe weather as the United States transitions from the cold winter moving toward enjoyable summer temps. In Mississippi, some storms came by but Corey sought shelter at a motel. He got caught at a campground in Alabama. Georgia was no different. The big difference for Corey was he no longer had the safety net of his dad and a vehicle. But he survived and is now positioning himself for the final push to Ft. Bragg!

Hunkering down at Cane Creek Campground in North Carolina, Corey awaits his mom and dad. They are headed down with their “House on wheels”! Taking some vacation time, Corey’s parents want to be there when the trek ends on April 15! This is quite an accomplishment and for a very worthy cause, Mission 22. Corey should be proud of this and the awareness this will bring to the organization supporting our troops.

Visit Corey’s blog at Biking

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Mission 22 – They are a veteran service charity to help men and women in uniform with PTSD, TBI, and Suicide. Click on “Mission 22” name or the logo to access the contribution page.


One thought on “The Ride – Going solo…

  1. What an amazing journey and it was great to take it with you through all the minutes. I know the end is near and I am sure you will be resting up for a couple days…..Congratulations and THANK YOU for all you have done and for whom you did it for!


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