Mission: Complete

Please support Mission 22. Soldiers have been fighting for you. Now they need your help.      mission-22-banner

On April 15th, Corey completed his trek from the Pacific to (almost) the Atlantic. What a trip! People of all walks of life, and all parts of the country met him on his way. The one common theme among them; conservatives and liberals, Northerners and Southerners, East coast and West coast, and rich and poor. They were all friendly and supportive! And why wouldn’t they be. It was for a great cause and we are all Americans!

Corey traveled approximately 2500 miles on a Montague Air Assault mountain bike leaving on January 5th from San Diego. Going over mountains, peddling in rain, dry heat of the desert, gale force winds, and sleeping on cold (sometimes temps down in the teens!), hard ground, it was anything but a “piece a cake”. Given what soldiers put up with overseas, it was nothing (everything has its perspective.). On April 15 he finished with a furry, escorted by the local bikers club and bicycle club. He finished at the famous “Iron Mike” statue at the Special Ops/Airborne Museum in Fayetteville, NC. He was later recognized at the International Tattoo Convention and was celebrated at the Doghouse!


United States Military has been through hell the last 15 years. You don’t hear it from them. They don’t complain. They are highly trained and are professionals. We, as Americans, ask a lot of these men and women in uniform. For what they do I am very grateful. And we need to be there for them when they need us! Mission 22 is just one of the many ways we can give them the support they need. To all of you who gave and are still giving emotional, physical, and financial support, a big hoo-rah to you!

Throughout the trek, Corey collected donations. $10 here, $25 there, and an occasional $100 donation, when all was said and done, he collected almost $1500. Another $3300 was donated by the Tattoo Convention. But just as importantly, he brought more awareness to the issues of TBI, PTSD, and veteran suicide.



Visit Corey’s blog at deckertheride.wordpress.com

Support Mission 22

Mission 22 – They are a veteran service charity to help men and women in uniform with PTSD, TBI, and Suicide. Click on “Mission 22” name or the logo to access the contribution page.


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