“I’m baaaack….”

On April 15, 2017, my son ( Corey) and I completed our mission. It was multi-faceted but the main focus was on raising awareness and support for military personal who are suffering the many affects of war. Raising over $5500 for Mission 22 and enlightening many civilians to the issues, a trip well worth the efforts.

Please support Mission 22. Soldiers have been fighting for you. Now they need your help.

I am now on to a new adventure!

Campah U 03

Using some of my discretionary funds (I officiate football games), I saved up to buy a DJI Mavic drone. With some practice and course work, I hope to be skilled at flying one of these bad boys. Having graduated from sUAS class (UMaine), I am now prepared to take the FAA certification test. Wish me luck (the test is not cheap and I do not want to retake it.)


DJI Mavic Drone

I am currently preparing to go on some adventures that will be less arduous but just as much fun! In February, my wife and I will do a leisurely vacation in Florida (no camper, we will rough it in motels). In April/May, we are planning a longer trip… and this will be roughing it. Well, roughing it is a relative term. We will do it with our camper in tow …So yes, with a nice bed, refrigerator, all the comforts of home (but no lawn to mow.)

In similar fashion as last winter/spring, I will include bits and pieces of history and geography for my friends back in the Rumford school system. If you want to share with your friends, feel free to do so!

So, where will we be in May? I have a plan A, plan B, and a plan C. Plan C I will try to avoid at all cost! (Plan C is to stay put). So lets look at plan B. In the spring, my camper wanted to go to Myrtle Beach and then gradually head West to park for a week at San Antonio. We were in hopes of being back in Maine for the beautiful summer/fall. This IS Maine’s best asset. This was my initial plan but something has come up that would be more desirable, so this plan got demoted.

“What is plan A??” Glad you asked! Did you ever hear of Workamping? Quite a group of RV’ers do this and some make a complete living at it! Well, one day while surfing the internet and Youtube videos, I came across seasonal jobs in Yellowstone …One thing led to another and I applied for a job. Interviewed last week and now just holding my breath. Great job with great reviews but lots of competition …and, if offered, I cannot bypass the opportunity. It does mean I won’t be back in Maine until after Indigenous (Columbus) Day. I’ll keep you posted!



You see my 3 plans. What would be your choice? (campahedu@gmail.com)


Coming Soon!!! Youtube channel with movies of the adventures!

One thought on “I’m BAAAAACK ….

  1. Yellowstone, of course. What adventures! Good to see folks enjoying themselves and still being activists.
    I am planning to go to Sarah’s class at RES soon and plunking myself in a chair and reading lots of stories to her students. That’s my adventure.

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