Winter Escape

“Winter escape….”

Maine winters can be long, dark and occasionally depressing. There is even a disorder that northerners can suffer called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The effects can be magnified by days of being shut-in because of brutally cold (well below zero) weather. So we decided to fight back!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 10.06.20 AM

Thanks to Allegiant Airlines, free parking, and friends in far off places, my wife and I was able to escape the claws of a depressingly cold and snowy winter to sunny Florida. In early February with another snowstorm barreling down on Maine dumping a foot of snow, we basked in sunny summer-like temps (well, Maine summer-like) in Crystal River. Tall-Tales Charter treated us to some very special and successful fishing in the gulf. Thank you Captain Marrio! And a truly fresh fish fry back at Joe’s and Nancy’s place in Hudson, Florida. Life is good!

Us with Sheapshead And Tall-Tale Charters

After several days of relaxing in and around Clearwater, Deb and I headed northeast to Summerfield…but not before a stop-off at Zephyrhills for lunch. If you are ever in Zephyrhills, there is a quaint restaurant on 5th Avenue. Creative Soul’s Café has stuff for everybody going from breakfast to late-night entertainment! But if you want a great sandwich for lunch, the Bailey Cuban (I call it the “Reuben Cuban”) is to-die-for! Check it out and tell Dave and Anna, Chris from Maine sent you.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.47.08 AM

Curious about snowbirds habits, we stopped at several housing communities. Snowbirds are everywhere! (Definition: Snowbird – a person or persons from a northern tier state or Canada that followed geese, cranes, and other large birds south sometime in October every year …and back north in May/June– hard to believe a bird with a brain the size of a quarter is that smart). I digress. The houses can be reasonably affordable to down right meant for the rich and famous!

Map of The Villages’         Rich house on Crystal River, FL

The next couple of days will be spent visiting family (we have a lot of family down here). The family makes it easier to justify the expense …the good weather is just icing on the cake! Forecast is for 80’s to continue. Yea! (80’s in February is …well, is just heavenly). On Monday, back to reality.

Oh well … Fun while it lasted! Batteries re-charged and now time to plan for our next adventure.

Coming up in future blogs … summer plans (update on February 1 post ); past learning experiences; and other humorous or embarrassing moments …

Remember this: “Life is about The Journey NOT the destination – happy trails!”

Coming Soon!!! Youtube channel with movies of the adventures!

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