Ft Bragg bound

“Winterizing ….”     or cabin fever makes one delirious.

This is a topic that comes up in September as we plan for the long winter nap for the “campah”. But it can be just as important in February if you are planning any trips South before the last frost leaves. And un-winterizing is easy but you need to follow the same steps (of last October) in reverse …kinda.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 10.06.20 AM

The very first thing you will want to do is hook up power. This means re-installing your batteries (I have 2) and propane. Some people don’t disconnect these but you will need to keep a charger on the batteries. If you don’t they will die. And they are kind of expensive…

Once power is restored, start first with the hot water tank. My tank is underneath the back bunk. If you have a camper, it may be in a different spot. Tighten (or replace) the anode rod that sits in the bottom half of the tank and protects it. This is accessed from the outside of the trailer (see picture below). I use Teflon pipe tape on the threads. It works the best and it is not messy. Make sure the relief valve is closed. Now head inside to where the water enters and exits the tank. Reverse the process of last fall (open the valve so water will now enter your tank and shut off the by-pass valve). It is important to note some tanks have a slightly different system (there may be 3 valves).


Hot water tank- The black plug just under the brass heater is the anode rod

Next, I go to the FWT (fresh water tank) to redirect the pump. My pump is under the stove (we don’t have an oven). The pump will be near your FWT and can usually be accessed by a panel on the inside of your camper (see picture below). I make sure the valve on the FWT side of the pump is opened to draw from the tank (not from the 3rd line that would go in the bottle of antifreeze). I put about 10 gallons of water in my FWT then turn the pump on drawing water into the camper’s system. Open the hot water first and run until the water is clear. Do the cold water next. Make sure you do it for the bathroom, toilet and an outside sink and shower (if you have one).


fresh water (FW) pump – The clear hose is the line used to charge the system with anti-freeze.

It is important to note some people do an elaborate procedure to sterilize the tank. I sometimes will do this once a season. But to be honest with you, the water is used for cleaning, showering, and to use in the potty …cooking and drinking water I store in a separate container. In a pinch, I have made coffee out of water from my FWT (…and it hasn’t killed me yet).

At this point I will start refurbishing my camper supplies. This means putting in beach chairs, utensils, and other paraphernalia. Let me caution you about one thing: If the danger of going below 30 is still eminent, the water switch over can wait until you get the camper to a warmer climate.

Yes, cabin fever has set in …


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