Cabin Fever


Maples tapped

March 3rd and the weather is feeling like spring! Yea, but anyone who lives in the North Country knows…don’t get too excited. Winter has been known to hang on …like into early May! Needless to say, we are anxious to get the camper out of “storage” and readied for the long trek West.

First, we will take the cover off of “Campah”. That will enable us to get inside and check for any residual winter issues. Hopefully there are none, but we will check for signs of critters, structural issues, and finally plumbing. The plumbing includes “un-winterizing” which was talked about in the February 7th blog. We won’t do that until we are ready to strike out in early May. Living this far north, we are very susceptible to frost well into May. And we don’t need broken pipes!

Campah cleaning

Routine maintenance is also important and I need to re-pack the bearings and check the electric brakes. I am fairly competent with mechanical things but I am going to leave this up to a professional. I have an April appointment at Foss Motor in Turner. Chris (the owner) is a very accomplished mechanic, honest as they come, and thorough. If you ever need a vehicle worked on, TAKE IT THERE.

Using a list that is being compiled as we read, we need to make sure everything is on board: tools, check; kitchen utensils, check; bedding, check; extra sleeping bags, check … (list is quite long but this is a looooong trip)

Preliminaries for the trailer: I will hookup both house batteries. Propane comes next and I will make sure both tanks are full and turned off. Wash and wax the outside is tedious but necessary. And wash and seal the rubber roof will complete the preliminaries.

Inside, we will bring in the clean bedding and make the beds. We will hold off on the bottom bunk, as I will need to get into the area below to un-winterize the hot water heater. After sprucing up the interior we will be almost ready!

Cabin Fever …


Roosevelt Arch in Gardiner, MT            &       Yellowstone Falls

Welcome to Workamping!

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Coming Soon!!! Youtube channel with movies of the adventures!

Coming Soon!!! Youtube channel with movies of the adventures!

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