“Nor’easter!! …”


Oh, you have to love spring! There are different ways to look at this phenomena that ushers in new life. First, there are the calendar seasons (astronomical spring). Spring starts on March 20th this year (some years it can be the 21st). And there is an actual time! 12:15 PM! There is the meteorological spring that starts on March 1st. And finally, there is the early spring …which is very informal and starts when we finally have spring-like weather. This can be as early as early February or as late as April!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 10.06.20 AM

Astronomical spring is March 21st; Such an arbitrary date. Oh, there are scientific reasons for this…but mother nature doesn’t really care. Basically, it is when the sun passes from the southern hemisphere to the northern one. That is all you need to know.

Meteorological spring is March 1st. The 3 coldest months are December, January, and February which make winter. But like the astronomical spring, mother nature doesn’t really care. The 12 month calendar is divided into quarters. That is all you need to know.

So, informal spring…

So we had an extended January thaw! So, is it an early spring? Maple sap was running by the 2nd week of February (a great indication of spring’s arrival). But did extreme cold come our way? No…but a Nor’easter did. Northern New England was spared (except the coast) as heavy snow pounded New York and southern New England. Astronomical high tides coupled with the powerful storm winds created havoc from the Mid-Atlantic States to the Canadian Maritimes. Not unusual for the end of February, so life goes on.

Wait! There’s more! A 2nd Nor’easter came up the coast 4 days later …and this one did not spare Maine! Up to 2 feet of snow feel on some places, even on the coast (Portland averages 12 inches of snow for the month of March …they got 18” in this storm!). The End.

Ft Bragg bound

Not quite. A 3rd Nor’easter is barreling up the East Coast promising to bury Maine and New Hampshire again! The Positive: temps are remaining seasonal so maple sap is continuing to run (the added snow is actually beneficial for this crop – so stock up on maple syrup!). It is also called “the poor man’s fertilizer” so, good for farmers. And it hides the mess on the lawns after what a winter season can drop on it. The Negative: buried the camper. More work shoveling. It makes the winter season longer. And guaranteed to prolong mud season (often referred to as the 5th season). YUK!

So, what does one do? Well, watch more youtube videos of Yellowstone of course! Plan the trip and all its intricate details (Thank you very much to the Amators – Scott and Traci). And make sure we left no stone unturned …

Finally; what does the camper need? Oh ….

Footnote: early spring snows extend the diabolical illness – Cabin Fever …


Welcome to Workamping!

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