Workamping …without a camper!

Workamping …without a camper!

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Workamping is a trend that is happening in America driven by a niche market. Like its mature cousin, migrant working, workamping is following seasons to fill full and part-time jobs to satisfy a specific market. It could be used by campgrounds; or large retailers for seasonal work; even similar to migrant workers, following the path of harvesting agricultural products.

It can be a way of life. Some young people have mobile-friendly jobs so they hit the road to discover America. And working remotely funds the adventure. Some saved all their lives and now its time to explore. They often choose not to work. Still others will use the temporary jobs as a way to supplement their retirement to make exploring more affordable. In any case, there is a large section of our population that calls their RV home.

First, lets get the RV out of the way. Class A (large bus type) and class C (camper on a truck chassis) are the Rolls-Royce’s of campers. Class B is the camper van, the least comfortable as far as size and luxuries. Then there are 5th wheels, tow-behinds and pop-ups and they can be quite elaborate or very basic. To complicate it, some have slide-outs or hybrid slid-outs. These will make extra room, which is a premium when camping. Luxuries vary wildly between campers and there are pluses and minuses to each type. It really comes down to what you are comfortable with and your needs. And finally for workamping there is the No-Camper camper!

    Class A,              Class B,                 Class C,                 Truck Camper

5th Wheel (5’er),                        Pop-up camper (pu),                     Tow Behind (tt)

That is correct! Camper optional! There are many places that will hire you and provide housing for you as you work. Again, this can be elaborate or very basic. I am going to Yellowstone with my tow-behind but they have dorms for both individuals and working couples! Here, there is a nominal fee but some places will give housing for the first 15 to 20 hours of work (this is negotiable). Some give you housing AND full pay. Check around!

Campa Edu

If you are comfortably retired or have a secure mobile job, you go where the winds take you and don’t worry about the employer. Others follow the weather (actually, most do this – LOL). Some just do it for the cold months like snowbirds. In any case, it’s your decision. That is the nice thing about it!

Finding a place to call home. If you have given up your stick & brick house for the open road, this can be difficult… but NOT impossible to find a state to call home. Some states are better than others but Uncle Sam insist you have a domicile residence. You will have to do some research here. Taxes (camper, vehicle, income, etc), health insurance, vehicle insurance, snail mail, voting, are just a few of the things you have to clarify before heading out. And some states are better than others. South Dakota, Florida, and Texas are considered the most RV friendly but there are others. Depending on your situation, another state might be better.

There are many organizations that can help you with on the road issues. And they specialize in a niche issue. For finding free or inexpensive camping choices check these out:,,, and others but don’t forget Walmart parking, Army Corps of Engineers (COE), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Forest (NF), National Parks (NP) and National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). For travel questions try Good Sams,, AAA, and I am sure there are others. A quick google search will unveil others. And for finding temporary jobs for nomadic types, try, and Type “workaming jobs” in a google search engine, and you will get a boatload of choices. I am an RV’er looking to supplement my income. I rely a lot on Find your niche …then go with it. **Note: When you find something that interest you do your homework. Read the reviews of the employers.

STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”! coming soon.


Welcome to Workamping!

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