Pleasant Pond Plunge

“Pleasant Pond Plunge”

When spring melts the ice, it’s said that loons arrive as soon as they can

Original recordingCorkboard at camp – recording first swim for each year since 1997!

I needed a break from preparing for out summer-filled camping expedition. What better way than to go for a swim!

Tradition for 3 decades now… Who will be the first to brave the cold waters of the icy Pleasant Pond? There are 6 family members who have met this challenge so far. Earliest in was 3 years ago. Beth Decker managed to take advantage of an extremely warm March and slipped in on March 22, 2015! Wow! That is a month earlier than the average. * note: Average ice-out is last week of April!

Mike & Chris take the plunge           Beth earliest in!                Chris was first in last year.

Brandon and Corey Decker have managed to make the early plunge but both of them have been out of state, which makes it difficult. Traci Latlippe is a mother and works extensively out of state (& out of country) but has managed to jump in first a half a dozen times!

complete list

At the top of the heap is Mike Latlippe. He has been in 8 times in the first 11 years! That’s an impressive feat. Chris Decker (me) passed him this year with his 9th time in. Other new and up & coming challengers are Nathan Warren (and his younger brother and sister); or several other dark horse candidates. Who knows?! (Kim? Alan?) And a few years down the road… There are grandkids!!!

What started the tradition?


                                       Chris & Rick participated in numerous whitewater races                                       Here are the 8 years from Kenduskeag Stream in Bangor

Legend has it that years ago, brothers Chris & Rick Decker whitewater canoed raced in April. And as you might guess, this often resulted in an icy swim in the Souadabscook or Kenduskeag Streams. In 1990, they moved on to other interests but the idea of being the first in stuck with Chris. Sometime in the mid 90’s, he bragged about jumping in at ”Pink Camp” in April. “Uncle Mike” (we all affectionately called Mike that) said “Okay, the challenge is on!” And ever since 1997, we have been keeping track!

Okay. Back to our regularly scheduled expedition …On To YELLOWSTONE!!

Campa Edu

STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”! Coming soon.


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One thought on “Pleasant Pond Plunge

  1. LOVE it……and if you saw-April 17th 2 years ago there were several of us at Webb Lke that took the plunge, We finished raking and headed in,,,,,,This year….5 feet of snow on the roads and the lake I am told is about a foot of ice and then snow on top ., I hope it will be ready for May 18th opening day!
    From another Happy Clampah!

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