A special mother’s day edition

♥♥ I Love you Mom . ♥♥

210028_1996923011032_722969_oCorey, Mom, myself, and Travis

It has been almost 11 years since the passing of my mother. Even though she is gone, she is never far from our thoughts. Our lives depended on each other throughout our adult years but let me give you some background:

1981: Fresh out of college and working in a shoe shop, I aspired to be a teacher. Newly married and with an infant son, my mother welcomed us into her home when I landed a long-term subbing/coaching job. We were there 4 months before moving into an apartment. My career took off …and my family grew.

Mom was a professional cook and, with her boyfriend Hoppy, took her skills on the road. He was an accomplished handyman… and had a truck camper. They landed jobs in such prestige sporting camps as Tim Pond Camps and Fish River Camps. And when they weren’t working in the North Maine Woods, they would be vacationing there. Harrington Lake, Four Roach Pond, and Brassua Lake are some of the backwoods places they slept. Bobcat, bear, and fisher were a common site for them. Yes, today they would be the epitome of a “workamper”.

When she tired of “camping” around and wanted to relax in her sunset years, she looked to us. From 1991 to her passing in 2007 (except 1 year, 1999) she lived with us. We were able to outfit our house with an in-law apartment. I can’t help think that she would be very proud to see how our life has evolved… And how it has many similarities, mostly Workamping. And I would also add it comes from a love and respect for the Great Outdoors!

Mom, I love you. Missed but never far from the heart.

Next blog: our adventures have begun as we trek out West… The mysteries of Knife Island!

camper front


STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”! Coming soon.


Roosevelt Arch

Welcome to Workamping!

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