“Dips After Duluth!”

“Dips After Duluth!”

camper front

A dilemma when traveling long distances is how to exercise. It would be easy to let one self go to pot, so to speak. But both of us want to lead a healthy life style …one that includes staying in shape. Not easy. Long days sitting, mentally exhausted, sitting in a Wally World or rest area; none of these situations lends itself to robust weight resistant training and aerobics.

And initially we weren’t too successful. We sat in hot weather at Walmart in New York, spent idle time in the back 40 in North Bay, and tried to relax on the outskirts of Wally World in Marquette, MI. Then came Duluth!

Duluth is a lot like Portland Maine. It is a small city, by city standards. It has a robust port, with a vibrant downtown. It even has its version of the “Old Port”. (Not as good as Portland’s, but hey! You can’t have everything). Microbrewers are popping up, upscale eateries, and other classy businesses… and a pretense to invite, even encourage, exercise. Walking and bike paths are everywhere. And many double as cross-country ski routes in the winter.

Using our bikes, we did travel the paths. We also walked around the campsite and area. But what about resistance exercises? And stretches?

So there it began …Dips in Duluth. One morning at Knife Island, the wife says, “Let’s do stretches”. Picture this, 2 grown adults in a 30’ tin can doing toe touches, calf stretches, shoulder rolls, other stretches to work out the kinks in the arms, neck, chest, legs, knees … You get the picture. And it didn’t stop there!! She had some advice from a trainer (Thanks Corey) on how to do some dips (knee bends) to strengthen the quads. I complained that we forgot weights … We needed weights for those. So Deb invents the Pineapple Dips! A can in each hand! This also was handy for curls, and arm raises.

Deb’s weights …….              Chris’ weights …..

I am ready to graduate to heavier weights. Off to Walmart for some family size B & M Baked Beans!

Now lets talk about eating healthy on the road…

Campa Edu


STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”! Coming soon.

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2 thoughts on ““Dips After Duluth!”

  1. OMG….LMBO….I can see the workouts as I too do in my tin can…love following and you sense of Maine humor is infectious 😂


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