camping overlooking the Badlands

A relatively short drive after leaving Ft. Thompson, it was windy, flat, and uninspiring …until we neared Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. Here, the prairie started to give way to South Dakota’s Badlands. Hills became more rolling. And to the south, ravines and canyons could be seen. The larger Black Hills of South Dakota  started to become visible in the distant western horizon. And “Wall Drug” was …

BL-Wall sign01“Wall Drug” billboards start as soon as you get into South Dakota!

Not sure about Wall Drug, but this place is continuously advertised from the moment we entered South Dakota 2 days earlier. Some people back East had mentioned the aura around this South Dakota icon. (Well, some promoted the visit; others warned us of the trinket tourist trap that it is.) Since we would be camped only 6 miles from this town, we knew we had to visit.


So we left the “Campah” on the ridge, and we mounted the F150 and rode into town. The town has a definitely western feel, very cowboyish. Main Street is Wall Drug… This included several trinket-only shops, leather store, jewelry store, café, and a few other insignificant productions… all the while never stepping out onto the sidewalk. Each store was uniquely connected …inside. And we had a BBQ beef burger (we call them “sloppy joes”) and a 5 cent coffee. (You heard me right, a 5 cent coffee – & it was good!)

pics of the Badlands – We’d like to stay 14 days (max by US gov rule)

Back on the ridge, we were camped on the National Grasslands (dispersed camping) overlooking the Badlands National Park. The advantage is, it’s free! And the views are out of this world! There were 8 other campers and all of us right on the ridge (there is a lot of land but the best views are on the edge). You can stay here up to 14 straight days FREE. Unfortunately, we have a reservation tomorrow night (at a Harvest Host winery – which is free as well). Seeing the West can be done relatively cheaply!

More pictures (and I have sooo many more)

camper front


STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”! Coming soon.


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