“Land of Enchantment”

“Land of Enchantment”

YS-arch01Roosevelt Arch – We don’t get to Montana often

So, we arrived on May 24th. It was 79.5 miles from Wally World in Cody to Grants Village and the roads were great. But don’t go fast! The beauty is astounding and you will pass areas right next to the road where there are thermals. And wildlife! And crazy drivers who stop in the middle of the road to take pictures! Sylvan pass was interesting but after traveling through the Big Horn mountains, it was relatively tame (no stopping to cool breaks). Two bison, one right next to the road, and several elk greeted us as we came into the Yellowstone Lake watershed.

Pictures speak for themselves

Grant Village is a quaint station, smaller and less crowded than the more popular Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs areas. The park campground here doesn’t even open until June 8th. There are 2 employee campgrounds and they are about a third of a mile apart (each can accommodate about 15 campers). The lower one is in the same area as the dorm (for workers) and the Rec area (where I will be working). And they put us up in the upper campground, which is a blessing. It is quieter, older workers, and a nicer view of West Thump (part of Yellowstone Lake).

West Thumb is smaller than the rest of Yellowstone Lake but much deeper

On Friday I had to check in …an 80 mile drive through the park to Gardiner, MT. Had to be there by 7am! So we left our camp in Grant and struck out at 5am in the darkness and fog. It was very little traffic (read: NONE) and a good thing. Our first encounter with an elk, was 15 miles into the trip. Coming around a turn and there it was! Even 40 mph seemed too fast but we easily avoid it. We would have several more close sightings on the trip. Bison weren’t playing shy either. On the way back, several were in the road so we had to slow (read: STOP) down to a crawl. But to be honest, it’s the crazy drivers that are the worst. We ran into people who saw an elk in a field and they stopped right there! …IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! To take a picture?? People, PULL OFF TO THE SIDE OR PARK IN A PULL-OUT!!

Pictures from trip to Gardiner, MT.

After dealing with the wild animals (read: PEOPLE), we explored Grant some more and did some r&r at the campsite. I met my boss, my working area, and on Saturday, had my employee briefing. All is good. Stay tuned for each adventure!

YS-no bearBears! These signs are around my campsite. I wear my bear spray on my hip.

camper front


STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”!

Welcome to Workamping!

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Coming Soon!!! YouTube channel with movies of the adventures!


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