Grant Village

Despite a busy night before, I am up at my customary time of 5am. Coffee made, breakfast cooked (old fashioned oatmeal with Maine wild blueberries and North Livermore maple syrup), I sit down with a Stephen King novel Lisey’s Story and read a chapter. I am not a King fan of horror but enjoy some of his works (especially the time-travel 1963). This book is shaping up to be a good one as well. I have to say, I do like his style. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I had him for an English professor in 1976!

At about 7am, I step out for some fresh air and walk the 100 yards to view West Thumb. The morning is beautiful but not Yellowstone-like. The clouds are low shrouding the snow-covered mountains and the lake is as smooth as Pleasant Pond in Turner. Off in a distance, smoke from camps along the shore billow up, a few stray peepers provide background noise, and a couple ducks break the silence. Except for the size of West Thumb, I’d feel just like I was at home on Pleasant Pond, complete with a forest of pines! Except the smoke aren’t from camps at all (there are none.). They are the multiple efforts of the many thermals lakeside. And the pines aren’t white pines but lodgepole pines. Still, it’s a surreal experience and quiet.

20180529_101122West Thumb (Deb looks cold) Avg temp of lake water in summer – 45

The night before, the Rec Department had a 4 mile hike up Elephant Back Trail. It was uphill and through snow (waist deep in a couple of spots!) but for the most part, it was just wet. We had a great view at the pinnacle looking south on Yellowstone Lake and the snow covered mountain range in the background. Not sure if it was the climb up (800 vertical feet) or the elevation (8000+ feet), but it kicked my butt! But it was well worth it. We were off the mountain by 9 (and still very light out!) and clocked off @ 10:15. Can you believe I am getting paid to do this!

Here is a plug for Xanterra (the company I work for). Are you looking for a seasonal job? Would you like to spend a summer in the most dynamic, unique, and arguably, the most beautiful place on earth? And make money?! They are still looking for workers! If your age is between 18 to 80 and are willing to be nice to people, apply now.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 7.07.49 AMYellowstone Lake

So how is Deb doing? Fine, and thanks for asking. Since my workday begins at 2 in the afternoon, we have our mornings together. Sharing coffee and oatmeal, we can then relax in the most beautiful place on earth.


STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”!

camper front

Welcome to Workamping!

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Coming Soon!!! YouTube channel with movies of the adventures!


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