Old Faithful

“Old Faithful”

Old Faithful Village has many thermals.

Up bright and early Sunday May 27, we headed out for Old Faithful after breakfast. It was a cool (43 – cold?) cloudy morning. On our 15 mile trek we saw our customary elk and bison along side the road. And before you knew it, we were pulling into Old Faithful Village. The lot was filling up but it did seem that we beat the crowds. As time would have it, the place filled up rather quickly after we parked. There is a lot to see here; Multiple stores, thermals everywhere, and of course, the geysers, especially Old Faithful.

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More pics of the many thermals

Old Faithful is the star attraction. And it should be! It is quite predictable (hence, its name) and fairly large in its display. But let me tell you, if Old Faithful didn’t exist, this place would still be amazing! About every 90 minutes this thing blows with all its fury and everyone around is out to watch it. Hint: this is a good time to plan your meals and bathroom breaks. After all, you can catch the next one …in 90 minutes. There are other geysers too. And don’t miss them. They have there own character. There are bigger ones (almost 300 feet skyward!) but their predictability is hard. There are some that last a lot longer but again may not be as spectacular or as predictable. See them all if time permits. If not enough time, make time. You won’t be disappointed.

And other hydrothermal features exist here as well. You have bubbling pots and steam thermals abounding throughout the area. And like the bubbling pots, each one has its own character and color. All are different. We spent all day here and saw most of them …but I think another trip is necessary.

OF-19Yellowstone Lodge – impressive on the outside …just amazing on the inside!

Coming next …amazing story (and pictures) of Canyon!

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