Jackson Hole


Waking up to raindrops splattering on the “campah” roof makes us rethink our plans for a hike on my day off. Well, we haven’t been to Jackson (Hole) yet. Let’s go! Jackson is a quaint town with a mix of millennials and baby-boomers. A distinct Western touch with a “Freeport” feel, it is a shoppers paradise. But if you are coming here looking for bargains like in Freeport or North Conway, don’t bother. Everything is for sale… but nothing is ON sale.

Cowboy bar is a “must stop at” attraction

The town is often referred to as “Jackson Hole” but the official name of the town is Jackson. Jackson Hole is the name affectionately giving to the region by early explorers who came into this region and felt like it was in a bowl. Literally a depression surrounded by mountains… huge mountains! And the ride in from Yellowstone is gorgeous as it descends these northern border mountains! (Even with it raining).

Starting at about 7800 feet above sea level (ABS), the ride through Yellowstone into Grand Tetons National Park is downhill. The Lewis River cuts an awesome canyon that parallels the road southward before it merges with the Snake River. Soon the Grand Tetons become visible in the southwest. Majestic, pointed, and reaching far into the heavens, these mountains just take your breath away. And the view from Jackson Lake is incredible! (note: the pictures on this page come from 2 different days – one day we drove just to Jackson Lake and it was sunny).

Grand Tetons

At 6000 feet above sea level, Jackson is a beautiful town with a population of just under 10,000. We were advised to get a Liberty Burger because they were to die for. Okay, they are good but not cheap (not sure anyplace here is cheap). Onion rings were good as well but 6 rings for $6 seems a little steep even for this town. We mosied on past the Realty Store where properties commonly listed for 1 to 10 million (That is a one with six or seven zeros!). The hat store did have some cheap cowboy hats at $39 but they aren’t real. The Stetson sold for $80 (and up). Then there was the Leather store… where jackets went for well over $1000. Lets just say we did a lot of window-shopping.

No day would be complete in Jackson Hole without stopping into the Cowboy Bar & Grill! Slinking up to the bar, you sit your fanny in a saddle seat. Quite unique, this place embraces the Western heritage along with its wilderness. In true “Reverant” fashion, there is a stuffed grizzly. As legend has it, it is the only documented killing of a grizzly by a man without any weapon! Very interesting story. You’ll have to come here to learn more.

Jackson Hole is a must see adventure. By itself maybe not, but with the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Utah, and Idaho, and Montana … (the list goes on) all close by, why not! A “Bucket List” adventure for sure! And while you’re here, a rafting trip down the Snake maybe in order. But if you’re shopping, bring your rich uncle!

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  1. Yeah all to soon enough….the beautiful places on this earth will be set aside for only the rich and “connected” to enjoy!!! Better see it now while the getting is good!!😊 Travel on!!! PEACE!

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