“Find a job you love, and you won’t have to work a day in your life.” as Andy Rooney said more than once on CBS’ 60 Minutes. Well, I couldn’t make a living on just my minimum-wage pay but it does cover my immediate expenses …and I couldn’t ask for a better “job”. Yes, I get to go on hikes. Yes, I get to socialize with good people. Yes, there are parts to the job that aren’t fun but they are minimal at best. But… it is a job that requires 40 hours a week commitment. (I am trying to find some negatives here, but I’m struggling).

Hike Phelps 02Hiking in the Grand Tetons is just magnificent!

So I “had” to go on several more hikes. Back down to The Grand Tetons, Jenny Lake with the iconic Tetons as the back drop was my next hike as 6 of us enjoyed a beautiful 6 mile hike. We went out to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Another 6 mile hike near Grant Village had me escort 12 employees out to Delacy Creek Trail and to Shoshone Lake. And the weather has turned very summer-like with temps near 80 and clear skies. Yes, another “hard” week at work.

The Hidden Falls was a great hike and a little more arduous than expected. Even though it appeared to be a flat trail to the west side of Jenny Lake, it had a lot of ups and downs. And 6 miles is still a little bit of a hike. 4 of the employees have only been in the USA for a week and they were worried about their abilities. Coming from Taiwan and Thailand, they also worried about the elevation. No worries, they are young and resilient. As it turned out, this trail is very popular and there were many hikers. And the falls did not disappoint. Actually, there are three areas of a “Kodak” moment; Jenny Lake itself with the Grand Tetons as the background; Inspiration Point as you sit on a rock ledge overlooking the lake and Jackson Hole; and the falls, where water (from snow melt) drops about 60 feet cooling the area with a mist and beauty. Even though it’s near 80, the water is near 40.

Sign to points on Jenny Lake; black marmot in trail; Jenny Lake

On July 12th, 8 of us hopped in the company van to drive the 20 minutes to nearby Delacy Creek Trail. Hikes are becoming quite popular so another car with 4 hikers followed us to the trail head. With bear spray attached, bug spray applied, we set off on an early evening hike out to Shoshone Lake. It is a 3 mile hike in (6 mile rountrip) so I brought flashlights just in case it gets dark before we get out.

Shoshone Lake is very interesting. It is over 8000 acres in size and well over 200 feet deep and up to 200 years ago, was completely fishless! Here is another fact: it is the largest lake in the lower 48 states that does not have road access. The shortest way in is on the Delacey Creek Trail. You can also access it with a small boat from Lewis Lake. In the late 1800’s, they stocked Lake Trout and Brookies in Lewis Lake and they swam up stream to Shoshone. Later, Brownies were introduced and all 3 are well established now.

Shoshone Lake – well worth the 3 mile hike in

The hike is very flat and relatively easy. And is popular with both hikers and fishermen. But we had an issue… mosquitoes! The hike out wasn’t too bad. There was a slight breeze, especially in the open meadows that kept the mosquitoes at bay. Bugs were biting and so were the fish. On the shores of the lake, the scenery was spectacular and enough breeze to keep the biting creatures away.

Relatively easy, flat hike but be prepared for mosquitoes

We made good time so we spent about a half hour on the shores of Shoshone enjoying the beauty before heading back. With the sun setting in the west, the breeze became nonexistent. And like a well-planned ambush, the mosquitoes waited in the shadows of the woods for the unsuspecting squad. It didn’t take long. They were coming at us from all angles. Hundreds swarming, biting, annoying, mosquitoes taking whatever blood they could get. The bug spray had little effect on the merciless creatures! Finally, we were back to the trailhead …in record time. The hike took 2.5 hours and that included the 25 minutes resting on the shores of the lake! Fastest 6 mile hike yet.

IMG_8771A fisherman braving the mosquitoes on Delacy Creek- fish are biting when bugs are!


STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”!

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  1. Oh my, this was hilarious! Only because I wasn’t there to feel those mosquitoes. I can only imagine the hike back out. Was probably a run. 😊 The photos don’t even look real. What gorgeous country!

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