Hikes & Hikes

Some more hikes in the month of August. Temperatures are consistently dropping to below freezing at night and daytime highs reaching only the low 60’s. Yes, here in the high country, fall has arrived. Elk will be bugling soon. Besides Avalanche Peak and Amphitheater Lake, I also did Purple Mountain, and Slough Creek trails. The … More Hikes & Hikes

Avalanche Peak

I am nearing the end of my tenure here at Yellowstone. …But I still have several hikes left. It is only fitting that one of the toughest hikes is saved for the end. Avalanche Peak. (And I have 6 brave souls signed up to hike!) Avalanche Peak. Just its name is intimidating! Most of my … More Avalanche Peak

Amphitheater Lake

The last day of summer. Okay, you’re thinking it’s not September yet. Let’s get one thing straight. This is Yellowstone. Grant Village is at almost 8000 feet above sea level. Weather here is different. It is said that there are only two seasons here; winter and July. So, in the Yellowstone world, July 31st is … More Amphitheater Lake

Roosevelt Cookout

You can’t possibly do and see everything in Yellowstone in a week or two. Actually, you can’t really do it in a summer… and if you did, you’d certainly miss some of the trifling things, however small, that add substance to the experience. But we are here for a while and it is time to … More Roosevelt Cookout