“I’m you’re Huckleberry”. One of Doc Holiday’s favorite saying. He’s most famous for living in Tombstone, AZ and being best friends with Wyatt Earp, the famous Sheriff of the Southwest. (He was also part of the shoot-out at the OK Corral.) But his life was much more colorful than the 2 dimensional story of “Tombstone”. His partner, “Big Nose” Kate, was a character in her own right. They lived all over the Southwest from Missouri to Arizona and wouldn’t be surprised if their travels didn’t take them to the Montana Territories. Out here, it is Everything Huckleberry!

RJ us 01Me & My “Huckleberry”

Huckleberry is a small fruit similar to a wild blueberry. It grows on a bush very much like high bush blueberries. And its succulent essence taste similar to blueberry. But out here, blueberry is nowhere to be found. Huckleberry rules the roost.

Huckleberries grow wild in Yellowstone and they are a favorite food for the animals… especially bear! And I think I will add humans too. In the stores, there is huckleberry wine, huckleberry syrup, huckleberry tea, and huckleberry jam; basically anything you consume can be bought in huckleberry flavor. (And it is a color too!) A favorite of ours was Huckleberry Ice Cream!

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 10.32.29 AMIce Cream favorite – and the flavor comes in anything edible

Several hikes provided views of huckleberry fields. Even though there were many stories of hikers seeing the fields browsed by bears, I have not been so fortunate (or, as some would say, I have been very fortunate – LOL). The Grand Tetons, Purple Mountain, Elephant Back, Slough Creek as well as other hikes all provided acres of huckleberry fauna.

Places where huckleberries grow wild

When did I see bears? …From the safety of my vehicle (LOL). I viewed bears foraging for berries and other vegetarian goodies but from along the roads near Yellowstone Lake, Tower Village, and along the roads in the Grand Tetons. Never hiking.


If you ever get out this way, be sure to try the local cuisine …and the huckleberry flavor. You will not be disappointed.

camper front


STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”!

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