PROCRASTINATION ! That should be my middle name. LOL. Campah and its TV (Tow Vehicle) arrived back in New England on September 13th and finally back in Maine on the 14th. (But I am just getting to write this blog.) Its good to be back home!

From May to September and 12,600 miles; a trip that included eastern Canada as ice was melting in the lakes and rivers; Chunks of ice still on Lake Superior; Cold beer from a micro brewery in Duluth; High winds in the South Dakota plains; Snow, storms, Rockies greeted us with exotic wildlife and an experience fit for Lewis & Clark. Time to head home; south through the Tetons, windy plains, desert Southwest to the burning sands of San Antonio; And then eastward towards Elvis country …

Arriving in the early afternoon of September 6th in Memphis, we quickly located Graceland and the campground next door. It’s pretty safe to say that this is music country and Elvis is their native son! And his hand is on everything here. I am quite impressed! His music, his likeness, even his pink Cadillac permeates everything! This isn’t the only place that has an essence of American music but it clearly is a big part. If you appreciate pop and country, a visit to here is a must.

Elvis 10 Deb and Teri in front of the entrance to Graceland

The first day was a wet day and we used it to explore. Day two, we did the tour of the Graceland estate. At first it seemed a little pricey ($40) but it is quite a tour with the most up-to-date technology, which lasted most of the day! Spend the money. You won’t be disappointed.

Elvis’ Pink Caddy and house

After the tour, we explored the museum. Elvis had a thing for cars; His first car; His gift car; Cars for …well, for cars. There was a Roadster, a Rupp, many motorcycles, Chevy’s, Rolls Royce, Cadillacs including his famous pink one. Impressive. Then there were life size figurines of famous musicians all with a story about Elvis and his influence on their craft. This included gospel singers, country singers, pop singers, AND even rappers! “Who’d a thunk it!”

Of course, a full day of education, we needed to feed our bellies. So, a trip to Elvis’ ice cream shoppe right out of the early 60’s. An ice cream cone it was. What a day!

Elvis 26

After all was said and done we continued on. Destination: Maine. It was good to be home.

Elvis 32 Elvis Made America Great!

“Next adventure; Hawaii in winter ”

STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”!

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Coming Soon!!! YouTube channel with movies of the adventures!

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