Hawaii 2019

Pele – Hawaii’s God of the Volcano

Coddiwomple! Not all trips start or end in an RV. My goal is to visit all 49 states in “Campah”. The 50th one is a little more difficult in a RV (Okay, VERY difficult). Hawaii is 2500 miles from the mainland and half way to the Orient. Getting my camper there is not only very difficult, it would be extremely expensive. And why bring it?! With a brother living there it became a perfect way to see, arguably, America’s grandest paradise. And in January, what a great time to forego part of New England’s harshest weather.

So it was on January 15, 2019, we embarked on a vacation in paradise! We chose to book from Boston to Kona via through Phoenix. This was the cheapest and with the least disruptions. It did, however, require a 2 hour bus ride from Portland. Flying out at 5:45 am we were in Kona by 3:45 pm. Not bad! Only 10 hours … well, not really. The trip is across 5 time-zones so the trip was actually 15 hours.

First, lets talk about the weather. Weatherpersons on the newscast here in Hawaii have the most boring job. Here is the 14 days on the big island: temps around 80 in day with lows around 60 at night, chance of showers on the windward side with periods of sunshine. Everyday. Very little variation. You don’t like the weather where you are? Then drive 30 miles. The mountains are rainier and they go up to 13,000 feet! And yes, it does occasionally snow high up there.

Banyan Row – A bunch of Banyan trees were planted by famous people like Babe Ruth and Amelia Earhart. Very cool.

Each island has its own draw. Even though we haven’t visited all the islands, we do feel that the National Park in Honolulu needs to be on your bucket list. The northern most island is where most of Jurassic Park was filmed. And Maui is known for its resorts. Each island could be its own blog. Because of that, this entry will focus on the Big Island only.


No visit (to anywhere) would be complete without a trip to a winery

So much to see on the Big Island and is often overlooked because of Maui (famous beaches) and Ohau (Honolulu). This island is the newest one and is a volcanologist dream. With old lava flows from hundreds of thousands of years ago to the big one of 8 months ago, it is interesting to see how life will find away. Also, given the diverse terrain, 9 of the 11 climate zones on the planet are on this island. If you want to see the real Hawaii, this needs to be on your bucket list.

My brother and our beautiful wives in front of Rainbow Falls. My wife getting in some mountain climbing on a recent lava flow. 

On January 30th, our trip in paradise came to an end. Boarding a plane out of Kona at 11:00 pm, we arrived back in Boston at 5:00 pm the next day. What appeared to be a 17 hour ordeal was really only 12 hours …after you figure in the 5 time-zones. Coming back to 10 degrees and snow and ice; the reality of the dormant frozen tundra of the Northeast is ponding my thought process. As Dorothy says in The Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.” I will counter “There is no place like PARADISE”! Going to miss you Hawaii.


Next adventure; “Campah goes South”

STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”!

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Coming Soon!!! YouTube channel with movies of the adventures!

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