As life would have it, I have embarked on a new “career”. Or should I just say, “A new life experience”. No, I’m still married to my beautiful wife (although I wonder why she still keeps me!). And no, I haven’t moved away from my hometown of Turner, Maine (Yet!). And NO, I haven’t adorned my body with all kinds of tats, piercings, or colored hair (although, there is nothing wrong with that). No, I’ve decided that writing an article once a month for a local paper will be my new challenge. And so far, I love it!


Turner Publishing puts out several free weekly and monthly newspapers with stories and articles mostly locally and regionally generated. I submitted an article back in May. Fortunately, they liked what they read. The Country Courier, Franklin Focus, and Western Maine Foothills are the monthly journals carrying the article “Good Times in an RV”. The musings are about my wife’s and I real experience living in a camper.

So far, articles about taking that first leap of faith into camping, traveling from here to there, and finding what suits your fancy are just some of the topics touched on. Some of the future articles may mirror my blog. Most will not. More likely is that the two will compliment each other. If you are “from away” and don’t receive the free paper, it is also online. Go to

More stories of past adventures!

4 thoughts on “Newspaper

  1. This is awesome but should “my wife’s and I” be my wife’s and MY” ? It just sounded awkward, I thought. And should compliment be complement? Not sure what the difference is between the 2. But the article is fantastic. I hope they said they are going to pay you now. 😊 ❤

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    1. You are correct. The “I” vs “MY” is sometime a quandary for me because of how it sounds vs what is grammatically correct. And complement with an “e” is the correct one. See, I need you as my editor!


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