What a summer! The wet spring finally has given way to another hot, beautiful Maine summer. To make the summer even more exciting, we decided to sell our house. Such are the adventures of the Decker family…

210028_1996923011032_722969_oLove this picture of my mom. Wish Deb was in it but someone had to do the shutter. This was on the deck of our house we no longer have. Lots of good memories.

On June 1st, we met with a realtor to go over our desires. We wanted to put the house on the market but did not want a shingle out. We were going to test the waters and had no real need to sell. If the market was slow, we could close the house up for the winter. We both have secured winter jobs in the Everglades.

By Sunday we had 4 offers! This was only after 2 days of being listed. By the middle of June we were under contract and the house was sold by the second week of July!

What in hell do we do now!

Fortunately we had 3 camping trips planned with 2 to 3 weeks in between each one. And between some very generous friends, we were able to park our “house” in their dooryards. One thing is for sure, never a dull moment in our household!

Our “house” now …

Owen is a long-time friend from my early teaching days. He lives in rural Leeds with a large “back 40” that is mowed. Our “house” will be parked there a good part of the summer. As a trade-off, he is letting me help winterize his domain and I bought him some coffee (LOL). It is a beautiful spot near the Androscoggin River where wildlife abounds. Loons and eagles live in the area as well as plenty of white tail deer. Yes, this is a premium spot.

When we aren’t pestering Owen, my good friends (and cousin) let us park in their dooryard… literally. They live in beautiful downtown Hartford. (Hartford, Maine, not Connecticut). Like Leeds, it is very rural with plenty of wildlife. Craig and Sherry are related to us but the story is complicated. That is not why they opened their dooryard to us. No. We have been good friends since 2005 and so very much appreciate their friendship and generosity.

House on wheelsThe house with the old truck

We are fortunate to have such good friends but I have concerns. Both places are in premium locations. We might be like that “bad penny”, we might not go away (LOL). And they are so much fun and gracious, why would we! We will work very hard not to overstay our welcome. Thank you friends.

By the middle of September, we will be exiting Maine for our new winter home. Big Cypress National Preserve. Stay tuned.

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