Seneca Rocks!

“Seneca Rocks! ” Preface: Have John Denver’s song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” running through your head. Seneca Rocks is an unincorporated town in West Virginia. It is in the Allegheny Mountains and is beautiful! Not far from Virginia, the mountains are steep and covered with mostly deciduous trees (trees with leaves). There are exceptions … More Seneca Rocks!

Follow the Geese

We put it off long enough. Maine summer has been hanging on and what a September! But time is running short and we need to be in southern Florida by October 1st. So here we are, vacating our lovely spot at Owen’s estate in Leeds, Maine, to do what geese have been doing for eons; … More Follow the Geese

Holy Cow!

Not knowing where home is creates a whole different mindset. Deb and I can literally say, “Home is where we park it!” So, since July 16, 2019, we have been gypsies. This past summer has seen us camp at Littlefield Beaches in Woodstock, plan a camping trip to Cathedral Pines in Eustis, stay in my … More Holy Cow!