Holy Cow!

Not knowing where home is creates a whole different mindset. Deb and I can literally say, “Home is where we park it!” So, since July 16, 2019, we have been gypsies. This past summer has seen us camp at Littlefield Beaches in Woodstock, plan a camping trip to Cathedral Pines in Eustis, stay in my cousin’s driveway in Hartford, and finally at a long time friend’s “back 40” in Leeds. Now when others ask us where home is, for the summer, it’s Maine. Each adventure has its own unique stories but Leeds is quintessential rural Maine.

IMG_1193Caldwell Farm in Leeds

One cool morning in early September had me up and going for a walk down a country road. Like most Maine roads, houses are few and far between. This particular jaunt caught me on a beautiful refreshing sunny day. Passing Caldwell’s farm near the Andro, several small ranch-style houses, and finally reaching Twin Bridge Market, it was a refreshing one and a half mile exercise. Of course, I had to walk back so it totaled three miles. And I had to pass back by Caldwell’s dairy farm.

“Holy Cow!” as I came around the bend it was clear to me a cow or two was on the wrong side of the fence. Very quickly it became obvious that I miss judged. The whole herd was on the wrong side! Here, the cows were feeding on the longer, fresh grass as they meandered out onto both sides of the main road.

I froze. Flashbacks of last year and buffalo (bison) herds in Yellowstone danced in my head. I quickly looked for an escape. There were trees across the road from the farm that could provide safety. I slithered into the wood-line and stood next to a tree watching the herd meander by me. At one point I could almost reach out and touch a cow. I stepped on a twig.

IMG_1196Twin Bridge Market

“Snap!” One cow jumped and headed back towards the farm. In good cow fashion, as one goes they all go. A mini stampede started and the trees were my protection. It scared the piss out of me. (Really! I watered a tree right there.) By now, the farmer was out. Half dressed, he was trying to get the bunch back in safe quarters behind the gate. He was successful …and I, relieved.

Such was another day in the gypsy rural life of the Decker’s.

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0006.JPGOwens place (with us camped on the other side of the pond)

Next adventure; “Geese are flying south. Time to go.”

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