Follow the Geese

We put it off long enough. Maine summer has been hanging on and what a September! But time is running short and we need to be in southern Florida by October 1st. So here we are, vacating our lovely spot at Owen’s estate in Leeds, Maine, to do what geese have been doing for eons; flying south for the winter.


Ariel of Owen’s estate

So on the morning of September 23rd, we connected the Campah to the F150 and headed out. It wasn’t quite that easy. After connecting, I had to check the air bags. I had just installed new air springs and wanted to make sure they were working. Even though I have done some short trips with the camper and new truck, I was still apprehensive. Things worked fine and soon we were traveling through Auburn headed to i95.

leaving CSAll hooked up and headed out

Basic Decker rules when traveling, especially when hauling; driver controls the music and after an hour and a half, look for a good place to take a break. I’m not a big fan of Sirius radio but 6 months came with the truck. 70’s rock it is! As we roll down towards Kennebunk and the Maine border, we have been on the road for more than 90 minutes. Break-time! After unloading the last coffee and picking up a fresh one, we were back on the road again. Next stop; i90 Charleston Truck Stop.

When it comes to traffic, we are spoiled in Maine. In Massachusetts on i495 it was loaded with vehicles. Same thing on i90. The truck stop was packed and we needed fuel. I pulled in behind another camper. Wait! Why is he not getting gas?! As it turned out, after filling, he went in and ordered a Big Mac, leaving his rig at the pumps. A Big Mac?? REALLY?? BIG A-HOLE! My rig is 45’ long so as you can imagine, I blocked ANY thru traffic trying to leave. Finally, the jerk appeared and I was able to pull forward and fuel up.

Headed south

Back on the road again (okay, I got that song running in my head!), I held my breath as we traveled the busy lanes of Hartford, Waterbury, and Danbury. Construction was everywhere. As we passed into New York, it wasn’t any better. There was another slow up in Newburg as we downshifted to a crawl. We weren’t sure where we would spend the night but it was getting near supper. Plans were for us to stop at Walmart in Matamoras, PA.

I should mention the wind. It was windier than I had planned and it was affecting our ride. I am also wondering if id put more air in my air springs, if that would help (I’m running about 60lbs). In any case, I need to figure this out.

My Adrenalin was running high so we pushed on. Roads weren’t any better in Pennsylvania but traffic improved. We stopped at Walmart in Wilkes-Barre. A pretty uneventful drive and I was hungry for some sleep. The good part is now we were about two-thirds of the way to Seneca Shadows in West Virginia. We bought ourselves a day.

Pennsylvania has an issue with road construction. Apparently they don’t have road engineers (civil engineers). Or if they do, all the good ones left. Their cement roads make my truck/camper bounce down the highway. I have this issue in NO OTHER STATE. You, Pennsylvania, have the highest gas prices (taxes) and the worst roads! There, I got that off my chest.


Shortly after entering Virginia, we exit i84 and head west into West Virginia on back roads to Seneca Shadows Campground. It is in Monongahela National Forest and we plan on staying 2 or 3 nights. It is always fun driving through small towns with a 45’ rig. You know, like clipping the road sign in Petersburg or having that little Toyota Corolla come right at you to get a parking spot in Moorefield. Do people really think that a 45’ camper trailer has the same agility as a German sportscar? By midday we arrive at the campground and are greeted by the managers! Never been in West Virginia …and it looks like I’ve been missing a lot. This place is beautiful!

Spruce Knob east pana 02

Next adventure; “Seneca Rocks!.”

STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”!

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  1. And another summer went by and we didn’t talk the wandering life. Have a great fall/winter. If we get that far south, we’ll look you up. If you get around Orlando…

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