Brother Love’s Traveling Show

Preface: Have Neil Diamond’s song “Soolaimon” from “Hot August Night” album running through your head.

Seneca Rocks was an awesome stay …but time marches on. We have a date with destiny and we need to hit the road. Leaving the West Virginia Mountains, we squirmed and wriggled our 4-ton house up through and back down those narrow roads eventually arriving back on i81. The scenery was beautiful but the ride was a sphincter-puckering event! These mountain roads rival some of the steep hair-bending roads in the Rockies.

The mountains we drove through on our way to Florida

Once on i81 the ride was uneventful except for one minor incident. A large over sized 18-wheeler had passed us on a downhill but slowed considerable on the uphill side. The road was 3 lanes so there was plenty of room for us to pass. What I didn’t count on was the pickup hauling a trailer loaded with a tractor in the 3rd lane passing me! The turbulence it caused shook our camper enough to automatically set off the F150’s anti-sway mechanism. That’s one of those safety features that you don’t want to test but glad it works when tried. I am glad it works!

In North Carolina we transferred to i77 heading due south for Columbia. Here, a car passed us and pulled in between us and another 18-wheeler. For a while this was our caravan. Then the 18-wheeler caught up to a slower vehicle. Unbeknownst to the truck, the car pulled out to pass the slowing truck. I started to follow suit but noticed the 18 wheeler start to pull into the passing lane too! The car slammed on its brakes and I quickly altered my route back into the slow lane. Another accident was avoided.

Cracker Barrel in North Carolina and Georgia. CB has  good food and overnight accommodations

After a stay at a Cracker Barrel, we got an early start for Savannah, GA. It was a beautiful day for a drive. We made good time and it quickly became evident that we can go a lot farther than Savannah. We easily made it all the way through Georgia to Brunswick. The next day was a short 3 hour drive to Ocala National Forest and Salt Springs Campground.

Safely parked at Salt Springs, we relished the sun, beauty, and refreshing salt pool. We stayed here last March and found this gem to be an awesome place. The lots are large with full hookups and with plenty of old growth live oak trees providing shade. The natural salt springs provide great swimming and relaxation. The Spanish moss on the live oaks and the abundant bird population just added to the ambiance.

Salt Springs Campground – Ocala National Forest

After a 3 day rest, we will do our final leg of our destination. Big Cypress Swamp, here we come!

SS swimmingSalt Springs swimming area – 72 degrees all year long!

Next adventure; “Welcome to the Swamp!”

STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”!

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