Walnuts & Buttercups

In our travels we have come across a lot of different experiences at the camping sites. In their own right, each type and place were special…mostly. This blog will focus on the last two places we have camped, and they are as different as night is to day. Walnut Hills Campground and our setup near … More Walnuts & Buttercups


In a time of the new normal, which means social distancing, wearing a mask, and avoiding people, there are some options when it comes to shopping. Most grocery stores have a curb-side pickup plan. All are limiting the number of shoppers in a store at one time. And when it comes to material goods, almost … More Shopping


What do EF-3, 136, and Fujita all have in common? I will tell you it’s not a Mexican dish nor names in a Disney movie. Not even close, try again. It’s not a fast European sports car either, but speed is part of the answer. Yes, the wind speed in a fast moving circular motion … More EF-3