Camping Etiquette

Camping! Better yet, RV’ing. Striking out away from home can be fun, exciting, and full of unforeseen escapades. When encountering any endeavor though, there are procedures and policies (formal or informal) to make yours and other’s adventures enjoyable. We call them “Camping Etiquettes”.

When at a commercial campground, they provide you with rules and regulations you must follow. Most other campgrounds will too, but here is where etiquette should be followed. A good rule of thumb I use is this: Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should do it.

Let’s talk about the newest and most immediate safety issue first; COVID 19. Just because you can go without a mask, should you? Until vaccinations and other precautions are in place, protocol most certainly be followed. Some positive aspects of this disease are we as a society have developed some good hygiene procedures. In addition to Covid, common colds, and flu infections are way down. Wash your hands frequently and practice some form of social distancing. And once we reach herd immunity some protocols can be relaxed.

Travel can be an issue both on the road and within a campground. On the road, the maximum speed for me is 65. Safety is the main reason and I often go slower. After all, the journey is just as much fun as the destination! Besides, most camper tires are not rated for above 65. Within the campground, I go 5 mph SLOWER than the posted speed. Campers are there to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. There are kids on bicycles, adults walking their pets, and people observing nature. Safety and enjoyment, not speed, is the norm for the day.

Campfires and the protocols around the social atmosphere in a campground should be recognized. Again, just because you can use adult language and cuss words, should you? Be cognizant of your audience. And if quiet hours are a certain time, please be respectful of others. This doesn’t mean you have to stop socializing but your influence on the atmosphere of the campground is important.

Finally, my biggest pet-peeve in a primitive (boondocking) campground, is generator use. And once again, should you run your generator from 6am to 10pm just because you can? Many campgrounds have set hours that are very limited mostly because there are some who live by “I will because I can”. And frankly, this has been exasperated in recent years. Rules are made to be more restrictive because of people who have little to no consideration of others.

A related issue to generator noise is the type of generator. Open frame (often referred to as construction grade) generators are louder and consequently are much more disturbing to fellow campers. These types of generators have no place in the camper world – period.

There are other issues for some people but if we can get the message out to be thoughtful, considerate, and have a goal for a good time to had by all, we will all benefit! Happy camping 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Camping Etiquette

  1. As usual a highly interesting and informational post even if it tips towards being biased and somewhat opinionated!!! LOL 😆 “Savor the Flavors” and “Enjoy the Ride”!!!✌

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  2. Good to hear from you guys. Been wondering. Thx for the tips. We are hoping to fly the coop mid April. I will have had my 2nd vaccine and half way out. Armand of course, being a FF is all done 4 to 6 weeks ago…hope to visit my cousin in Virginia Beach for a week plus then to NC then home by mid May…hi to Deb and stay safe✨


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