Land O’Lakes

To paraphrase Jim Stafford, “all good things must come to an end, its the same with ‘the BICY experience.” So on Sunday April 11, Campah, it’s two occupants, and all their belongings started their long trek northward. By mid-afternoon we were pulling into out first night stay away from south Florida… but not without incident and plenty of stories.

This story really begins last October with “Roland Schitts” in Pennsylvania. I wrote in an earlier blog about a flat tire and Roland came to fix it. Well, we rode to Florida on the spare and it stayed that way. Until I fixed it and reinstalled it on the camper. Sunday morning we exited Monument Lake at 10 am and by 11, I was pulling off the side of i75 with a tire rapidly losing air. So much for the patch work. The good thing is, I have become an accomplished tire changer! Fifteen minutes and we were back on the road (again).

A cold front was pushing through Florida and we were bound to run into it. And we did. In Bradendon there was severe thunderstorm warnings and we saw our first significant rain since November’s hurricane. And lightening! It was a show. It was hard driving in this crap but we had a plan. Deb’s old boss lived nearby and we planned to stop for lunch. It was a great way to sit out a horrendous thunderstorm that dropped nearly 3” of rain.

After several hours, we pressed on. We were only an hour away from Land O’Lakes, Florida which was our nightly stay. Boondockers Welcome (BW). BW is a peer to peer camping organization to help fellow campers find safe affordable night stays on their travels. Our destination was only 8 miles off of i75 and very good roads. The BW place was a working farm in a beautiful country setting. Lisa and her partner were most gracious host and they had us park in their “back 40”. Usually not a big issue but they did just have 3” of rain. We managed and stayed two nights.

The next day we went to visit a friend from our college days. Jerry and Ronnie are retired, he a professor and she a HS guidance director. They live 25 mile away over in Zephyrhills. It was great catching up with them again.

Back on the farm in Land O’Lakes, it was very picturesque. It is a working farm so chickens and horses were the backdrop for old live oaks, cattle fencing and every house had a dog. Red shoulder hawks were plentiful as were sand hill cranes. The overall experience was accentuated by being serenaded by owls at night. To add to the ambiance, our host treated us to a night cap of their personal bourbon as we shared camping stories.

The two days flew by and it was time to move on. Land O’Lakes was just another very positive experience in our many journeys. Thank you Lisa. Sometimes when driving down the highway you just need to get off the beaten path and see what you’re missing. Happy trails!

Coming soon, more tales from the Campah!

Next adventure; “Salt Springs”

STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”!

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One thought on “Land O’Lakes

  1. Hey Folks!! Glad to see that your trek back to the “homeland” got off without too many problems and that you were able to recognize and address your tire issue before it caused you some serious grief!! I’m also very happy to see that your using your BW membership and utilizing its benefits!! I’m sure you have already recognized what I’ve found to be its biggest advantage outside of the convenience…the genuine graciousness and generosity of the hosts!! It’s nice after a long days drive to have a place that’s safe and comfortable, to relax and decompress as you share stories and adventures with new found friends!!! May your journeys continue to make memories and smiles as you “Savor the Flavors!!! Safe travels!!

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