Campground Crawl

So we’ve decided to stay in south Florida for a while. Why? Because its still summer here! And besides, the Super Bowl is just down the road a bit. So our saga continues… shorts, t-shirts, suntans and South Beach… & Football; another adventure of life on the road. Miami Beach and me in front of … More Campground Crawl

Falling Iguanas

“Falling Iguanas! ” Al Roker, Today Show weatherman on January 22, 2020, “Today we have more nasty weather stretching from Minnesota to Maine and all the way to Texas. The National Weather Service has even issued a ‘Falling Iguana Alert’ for south Florida!” That’s right folks, it’s not raining cats and dogs here. No! Just … More Falling Iguanas

Spiders & Snakes

“I don’t like spiders and snakes but that ain’t what it takes, to love me, like I want to be loved by you!” Okay, Jim Stafford’s song “Spiders & Snakes” wasn’t talking about the everglades. But hey, it fits! It’s not just spiders and snakes here. A Burmese python near our camper and a brown … More Spiders & Snakes

Corkscrew Sanctuary

Once thought too swampy to live in, too mosquito-infested to enjoy, and too flat to have any value, Florida thought they were on the right tract by smothering the landscape with modern development. Draining the swamp, putting up housing developments, malls, and of course, entertainment facilities, Florida was going to be the envy of America. … More Corkscrew Sanctuary


So, on one of our days off, we decided to visit the Everglades! Not a long drive from our campsite in Big Cypress we head to Shark Valley. This is one of three entrances into Everglades National Park. Our plan is to visit here, go to Earnest Coe gate (southern entrance) to see Flamingo Campground, … More Miami


Arriving in Naples, Florida at 3 in the afternoon we had lots of traffic. Actually, my pet peeve about Florida is just that: traffic! We managed and finally parked at Big Cypress Swamp Welcome Center. After meeting Isobel (lady who hired us), we found ourselves filling out paperwork and other logistical administration issues. Oasis Visitor … More Lost!