Mt. Rushmore!

“Shut the Door please!” Hill City Cafe on Main Street. Camping at a free “Harvest Host” winery, we woke up early and went into Hill City, SD, for breakfast. Hill City is really a small town, not a city …a really small town (pop. 758 +or-). Don’t let the size fool you; it is quaint … More Mt. Rushmore!


“Badlands” camping overlooking the Badlands A relatively short drive after leaving Ft. Thompson, it was windy, flat, and uninspiring …until we neared Buffalo Gap National Grasslands. Here, the prairie started to give way to South Dakota’s Badlands. Hills became more rolling. And to the south, ravines and canyons could be seen. The larger Black Hills … More “Badlands”

Bear Naked Growler

Bear Naked Growler camper packed and ready to go! Beautiful weather greeted us on Wednesday May 9th. With camper completely loaded and all essentials packed we struck out transversing western Maine. New Hampshire’s White Mountains were a little challenging but the F150 made easy work of them. We crossed into Vermont at noon. At the … More Bear Naked Growler

Solar Power

“Back on task! Yellowstone!” Preparing the camper, part 2: Solar power. A week ago I blogged about getting the camper and truck ready for the big trek out West. This is part 2. I am going to dedicate this entire entry to just power. Electricity: There are three sources to consider. Shore power; this is … More Solar Power

Pleasant Pond Plunge

“Pleasant Pond Plunge” When spring melts the ice, it’s said that loons arrive as soon as they can Corkboard at camp – recording first swim for each year since 1997! I needed a break from preparing for out summer-filled camping expedition. What better way than to go for a swim! Tradition for 3 decades now… … More Pleasant Pond Plunge