“Nor’easter!! …” Oh, you have to love spring! There are different ways to look at this phenomena that ushers in new life. First, there are the calendar seasons (astronomical spring). Spring starts on March 20th this year (some years it can be the 21st). And there is an actual time! 12:15 PM! There is the … More Nor’easter!

Cabin Fever

“CABIN FEVER …” March 3rd and the weather is feeling like spring! Yea, but anyone who lives in the North Country knows…don’t get too excited. Winter has been known to hang on …like into early May! Needless to say, we are anxious to get the camper out of “storage” and readied for the long trek … More Cabin Fever

Plan A

Camper in snow “PLAN A ….” My February 1st blog mentioned 3 plans for Spring/Summer 2018. Plan C was really no plan at all. If things were such that we couldn’t leave we were to stay put. NOT GOOD. Not sure how we could arrange (or minimize) living expenses, but Plan B was a viable … More Plan A


“Winterizing ….”     or cabin fever makes one delirious. This is a topic that comes up in September as we plan for the long winter nap for the “campah”. But it can be just as important in February if you are planning any trips South before the last frost leaves. And un-winterizing is easy but you … More Winterizing

Winter Escape

“Winter escape….” Maine winters can be long, dark and occasionally depressing. There is even a disorder that northerners can suffer called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The effects can be magnified by days of being shut-in because of brutally cold (well below zero) weather. So we decided to fight back! Thanks to Allegiant Airlines, free parking, … More Winter Escape


“I’m baaaack….” On April 15, 2017, my son ( Corey) and I completed our mission. It was multi-faceted but the main focus was on raising awareness and support for military personal who are suffering the many affects of war. Raising over $5500 for Mission 22 and enlightening many civilians to the issues, a trip well … More I’m BAAAAACK ….

Mission: Complete

Please support Mission 22. Soldiers have been fighting for you. Now they need your help.      On April 15th, Corey completed his trek from the Pacific to (almost) the Atlantic. What a trip! People of all walks of life, and all parts of the country met him on his way. The one common theme among them; … More Mission: Complete