Country Roads

“Jumping Jahosaphine! Quick! Find me a place to pull over!” I screamed as panic struck me. My TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) monitor blasted to life. Not good. I have a trailer tire losing air. Normally at 60 lbs, it was at 40. Quickly deb and I search for a place to pull over. It … More Country Roads

Georgia on my mind

After leaving Florida, the only issues heading to Georgia were gas prices. The good news they are below 4 dollars a gallon! …and going down. After a quick overnight in Live Oak, Florida, we arrived at Skidaway State Park just outside of Savannah. It is a beautiful coastal area crowded with majestic old live oak … More Georgia on my mind

Fort Pickens

We are leaving the “swamp”… but not Florida; at least not yet. Our travels takes us northward up the west coast to a beautiful farming community called Land O’Lakes. Instead of opting for a traditional campground, we are staying at a “Boondockers Welcome” site (an organization that are peer to peer campers). We’ve been here … More Fort Pickens

Beauty abounds

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This one sentence can describe our experience in “the land time forgot”. Every morning, every evening, every day, is so different yet so beautiful. On a warm humid morning the sun’s rays pierce through the fog and dense air, glistening off of the palmetto palms … More Beauty abounds

Schitter’$ Full

Life can be funny. No, seriously! Sometimes life imitates film. And as long as everyone can laugh about it afterwards, it’s hilarious. Like the other day, a camper was filling up his tank with water. Or the bank robber who spent the night. How about the night 50 cars showed up! Then there was the … More Schitter’$ Full

Summer Breeze

As I write this rendition of the summer of 2021, I’m reminded of the Seals & Croft song, ♫ ♪ “Summer Breeze”. ♪ ♫ Yes! It was a nice summer. I’m still alive. In Maine, summer nights are short, sun sets around 9 pm and is rising above the horizon long before 5 am. As … More Summer Breeze

David Bloom

David bloom; Do you remember him? He was an up and coming news journalist for NBC. Vice President Dick Cheney; He spent 69 hours in a two week period logging air miles trying to nail down a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. Chris Bosh; Ever hear of him and his basketball accomplishments? And … More David Bloom

Land O’Lakes

To paraphrase Jim Stafford, “all good things must come to an end, its the same with ‘the BICY experience.” So on Sunday April 11, Campah, it’s two occupants, and all their belongings started their long trek northward. By mid-afternoon we were pulling into out first night stay away from south Florida… but not without incident … More Land O’Lakes


Education comes in many forms and it is said that the multitude of experience will add to that enrichment. Schooling kids on the road is quite common and in some cases, perpetuated by the current pandemic. Whatever the reason, kids are getting a real-life civics lesson that includes history, culture, biology and with some creativity, … More Homeschooling