What a summer! The wet spring finally has given way to another hot, beautiful Maine summer. To make the summer even more exciting, we decided to sell our house. Such are the adventures of the Decker family… Love this picture of my mom. Wish Deb was in it but someone had to do the shutter. … More Homeless

Mission 22

As I prepare my next newspaper article, I am reflecting on the events of the past weekend. Mission 22 held a car rally in New Hampshire. First, let me explain the organization of “Mission 22”. It is an organization that has a mission of stopping veteran suicides. It uses a multifaceted approach focusing on mental … More Mission 22


As life would have it, I have embarked on a new “career”. Or should I just say, “A new life experience”. No, I’m still married to my beautiful wife (although I wonder why she still keeps me!). And no, I haven’t moved away from my hometown of Turner, Maine (Yet!). And NO, I haven’t adorned … More Newspaper

Down on the Suwannee

There is a popular folklore song “Old Folks at Home” (also known as “Suwannee River”). Like a lot of popular songs, this one is about somewhere. I just never really knew where “somewhere” was. Now I know. It’s in northern Florida. Originating out of the lakes and swamps in Georgia the river meanders through northern … More Down on the Suwannee

Hawaii 2019

“Pele – Hawaii’s God of the Volcano ” Coddiwomple! Not all trips start or end in an RV. My goal is to visit all 49 states in “Campah”. The 50th one is a little more difficult in a RV (Okay, VERY difficult). Hawaii is 2500 miles from the mainland and half way to the Orient. … More Hawaii 2019


PROCRASTINATION ! That should be my middle name. LOL. Campah and its TV (Tow Vehicle) arrived back in New England on September 13th and finally back in Maine on the 14th. (But I am just getting to write this blog.) Its good to be back home! From May to September and 12,600 miles; a trip … More “Elvis”


“Alamo ” On August 29th, we arrived in San Antonio. After checking in at Cranes Mills on Canyon Lake, we motored the 18 miles to my oldest brother’s house (Mark & Kathy’s) for the cordial visit and then planned the next 4 days. Their house sits at the end of a cul-de-sac in a beautiful … More Alamo

After Yellowstone!

“…Texas Bound! ” After doing the “checking out” thing on August 22, the four of us prepared for our trip to Santa Fe (Lance & Ronnie flew to Jackson and spent from Aug 17 to 23rd at Yellowstone). Early on the 23rd, we struck out for a 400+ mile ride to Laramie, WY. Here we … More After Yellowstone!


All good things must come to an end, and it is the same with the Yellowstone adventure. I have been so blessed with this experience. Being in a truly wilderness area where humans are NOT the top of the food chain is, beyond doubt, marvelous! One wrong decision, one false move, one mistake, and you … More Yellowstone


“I’m you’re Huckleberry”. One of Doc Holiday’s favorite saying. He’s most famous for living in Tombstone, AZ and being best friends with Wyatt Earp, the famous Sheriff of the Southwest. (He was also part of the shoot-out at the OK Corral.) But his life was much more colorful than the 2 dimensional story of “Tombstone”. … More Huckleberry