David Bloom

David bloom; Do you remember him? He was an up and coming news journalist for NBC. Vice President Dick Cheney; He spent 69 hours in a two week period logging air miles trying to nail down a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. Chris Bosh; Ever hear of him and his basketball accomplishments? And … More David Bloom

Land O’Lakes

To paraphrase Jim Stafford, “all good things must come to an end, its the same with ‘the BICY experience.” So on Sunday April 11, Campah, it’s two occupants, and all their belongings started their long trek northward. By mid-afternoon we were pulling into out first night stay away from south Florida… but not without incident … More Land O’Lakes


Education comes in many forms and it is said that the multitude of experience will add to that enrichment. Schooling kids on the road is quite common and in some cases, perpetuated by the current pandemic. Whatever the reason, kids are getting a real-life civics lesson that includes history, culture, biology and with some creativity, … More Homeschooling

Camping Etiquette

Camping! Better yet, RV’ing. Striking out away from home can be fun, exciting, and full of unforeseen escapades. When encountering any endeavor though, there are procedures and policies (formal or informal) to make yours and other’s adventures enjoyable. We call them “Camping Etiquettes”. When at a commercial campground, they provide you with rules and regulations … More Camping Etiquette

The Birds

Just the mention of “The Birds” to people of my generation conjures up images from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie by the same name. I assure you, this place is the furthest place from a horror movie. Wood storks have been commonplace this year. Gorgeous birds of white, black, multi-color and pink dot the landscape. Some live … More The Birds


Traveling for over 2 years exploring America, I think it’s time to reflect on those travels. Certainly landing in south Florida for the winter is a great way to spend the very “cold & snowy” winter months. And our jobs as campground hosts enables us to sit and have our minds comprehend the many amazingly … More Reflections

Thing 1, Thing 2

As we leave Maine in the middle of October, an early Nor’easter bounds up the coast. Somewhat unexpected but not totally unusual, rain and snow mix with a bone chilling northeast wind. It is a great day to be headed to the sun and fun of south Florida! And so our winter adventure begins. Thing … More Thing 1, Thing 2

Schitt$ Creek

As winter inches closer, the northern tier states go through a beautiful transformation. The nights get longer and colder. Maples, oaks, aspens, and other hardwoods display a beautiful rainbow of yellows, reds, greens, and browns across the landscape. Nature’s artwork will give way to barren trees and a carpet of dead leaves just before the … More Schitt$ Creek