The Ride – Tombstone…

Support Mission 22 – Soldiers who fought for you , now need your help                                          Men from the sky! At one time I counted 16 coming down! The skydivers at Eloy, AZ have entertained us for 3 days, it is now time to drive on (peddle on if you are Corey). We had great weather, mostly … More The Ride – Tombstone…

Cowboys Like Us

Sand, brush, cacti, and dust; Cowboys like us. And so our trek across the great desert has begun! After 10 days in the desert, we have come to the realization that most of the desert is still in front of us. My camera shutter is almost worn out! I am snapping pictures like there is … More Cowboys Like Us

City Slicker

After leaving the mega-farm country of Westmoreland (free night camping in a wildlife refuge near huge cattle and cabbage farms – stunk like a skunk!) we peddled east to the sand dunes of Imperial, CA. On the way, we stopped at a Starbucks in Brawley (only place with free wifi). They were super nice and … More City Slicker

Planet Myrtle (pt 2 of 3)

Planet Myrtle Beach (In a Galaxy far, far, away …) Stardate 4B2016.11.12 “Rebellion Star Commander, this is Luke Skywalker, Wildwood Commander.” “We have arrived at our destination, Planet Myrtle.” Princess Leia: “Seems like a peaceful place.” Hans Solo: “Princess Leia, be leery. It’s beautiful but there are signs of destruction everywhere.” Princess Leia: “Hurricane Matthews … More Planet Myrtle (pt 2 of 3)