Winter in BICY

♫ “Toes”♫ As you listen to ZBB, you can picture South Florida. No matter if you are at Delnor-Wiggins State Park in Naples, the coconut butter slathered skin on South Beach in Miami, or any place in between in the ‘gator infested waters, life is good. No snow shovels, scrapers, or other snow instruments of destruction; none; nada, not even mittens or a knit hat, it’s the way winter should be; at least in South Florida. This was our 4th year hibernating in the sun and fun. Here is what we did!

On November 13th we left on a rather mild Maine day. Coming south, we did a little detour. As we entered Pennsylvania we decided to take the scenic route down US209. It follows the Delaware River through the beautiful Delaware Water Gap. It’s very scenic, slower pace and slightly shorter in distance. The GPS will tell you it will take longer but it really doesn’t when you are hauling a camper. Continuing our scenic route after Harrisburg, we took US15 to US17 and eventually landed back on 95 in Richmond, VA. We continued to Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach has become a favorite of ours. The state park is roomy, clean and beautiful and we caught up with our good friends, Gary and Maureen. They also directed us to a very romantic, quaint, Italian restaurant. Thanks guys! After a 2 day rest, we were on our way.

Myrtle Beach

We spent the night at a Cracker Barrel at the Florida-Georgia line (not to be confused with ♪FGL♪ band). The next day was a short trip to Fort McCoy and Salt Springs Rec Area. This is another favorite of ours and is part of Ocala National Forest. Even though camping was still on, the rest of the park (hiking, swimming, picnic area, etc) were closed because of the recent hurricanes. At $50 a night and not able to enjoy the amenities, we moved on after two days. Too bad. We planned on staying a week. Off to Big Cypress we headed!

We arrived just before Thanksgiving 2022. Our comrades, Walt & Janet hadn’t left Maine yet. But our new campground maintenance people were here. And what a surprise! They were from Maine and live only about 30 miles from us in the frozen tundra! They were happy to see someone, anyone! Especially someone who knew what was going on. A week later we found out Walt and Janet were not coming after all.

Big Cypress – Notice the temperature difference from North Florida and Naples, a morning fog bow, a gator greeting me. Bottom row; kayaking with the gators, sunset, and a weekly volunteer get-together.

After some quick phone calls and contacts, we had new host on their way. Ken and Sheryl would be here by December.

The usual wildlife was at Monument. Gators came and went in the pond. Wading birds and water fowl flew in and out at will. And our resident water-moccasins kept us on our toes. Literally. We had other snakes too. An occasional rat-snake, black racer, and even a python meandered through the campground. And we did have one big visitor. Just after Christmas, a large black bear came a calling. Needless to say, I learned my lesson last year. I will not hike the campground at night without a flashlight.

On one of our 4 day breaks, we went to Cape Canaveral. We caught up with one of Deb’s friends and spent several days exploring the mid east coast of Florida. We saw Space Force (the latest military addition), lots of sandy beaches, and of course the rocket launch site and Kennedy Space Center.

Kennedy Space Center

On another break, we went to the Seminole Museum just south of Lake Okeechobee. The native American history in Florida (in fact, the country) is pretty awesome. We have not gone to the Miccosukee Culture Center yet and we need to. The stories and artifacts are just amazing.

And of course we went to South Everglades where Flamingo and Long Pine Key campgrounds are. Here, you maybe lucky enough to see both alligators and crocodiles inhabiting the same waters, a unique site not witnessed in the natural anywhere else on the planet. A trip to the Everglades needs a stop at the world famous farm stop in Homestead; Knaus Berry Farm. Besides strawberries and other farm products, try a cinnamon roll. You won’t leave with less than a dozen!

Random pics of Big Cypress

Fishing …for a tent!

More pics – tent fishing and lunch in Everglade City

Like every season, this one came to an end. On April 3, we pulled out.

…but not without issues…

Coming soon, more tales from the Campah!

Venus and Jupiter over Monument Lake

Next adventure; “Broken but not disheartened” The continued stories of our issues

STAY TUNED! More “tales from the campah”!

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2 thoughts on “Winter in BICY

  1. Absolutely love your recap of your winter…. We had hoped for one more excursion on a cruise ship but it was not to be maybe next year if you are still com in back… travels home


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